A sweetener is a food additive which adds the basic taste of sweetness to a food; artificial sweeteners are sugar substitutes.

Nutritive sweeteners

* Sugar alcohols
* Honey
* Fruits
* Syrups, including
** Maple syrup
** Sugar beet syrup
** Corn syrup
** Cane syrup
** Golden syrup
** Barley malt syrup
** Molasses (treacle)
** Brown rice syrup
** Agave syrup

Non-nutritive sweeteners

* Acesulfame potassium, also known as Sunett
* Alitame, also known as Aclame
* Aspartame, also known as Equal or Nutrasweet
* Cyclamate
* Glycyrrhizin
* Lo han guo
* Neotame
* Perillartine
* Saccharin, also known as Sweet 'n' Low
* Stevioside
* Sucralose, also known as SucraPlus and Splenda
* Sugar of lead, also known as Lead(II) acetate (obsolete due to excessive toxicity)
* Inulin

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