Hog oiler

Hog oiler

A hog oiler was a mechanical device employed on farms to be used by hogs to provide relief from insects and offer skin protection. It consisted of a reservoir to hold oil, and a means to distribute the oil onto the hog, often via grooved wheels or cylinders. Hogs seeking relief would rub up against a wheel (or cylinder) causing it to rotate and dispense oil onto their bodies.

Hog oilers were produced in a variety of designs, most made of cast iron. The era of innovation for this device was mainly the years 1913-1923; during this time some 20 patents were issued by the U.S. Patent Office.

Hog oilers are now considered desirable antiques by collectors of agricultural equipment.

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A few US Patents for hog oilers.

*US patent|1057588 Patent issued to E.J. Smith in 1913 for a twin wheel hog oiler.
*US patent|1173201 Patent issued to F.R. McDermond in 1916 for a "watermelon type" hog oiler.
*US patent|1256357 Patent issued to Albert A. Nasser in 1918 for an overhead tank reservoir hog oiler.

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