Armory (military)

Armory (military)

An armory (Armoury) is a military depot used for the storage of weapons and ammunition. The term may also apply to an area within a building, used for the storage of weapons. In the United States, armory may refer to the building from which a National Guard or Reserve component trains during peacetime. In a typical armory, ammunition is stored under separate lock and key from weapons to minimize the potential for misuse and improve safety. Very sensitive alarm systems are also extensively used.

In the Irish Army, Armoury refers to a specific compound, building or room where weapons, ammunition and related stores are kept under lock and key. Often, the armoury and guardroom are part of the same compound.

It can also refer to the place where a reserve unit in the Canadian Forces meets and parades (e.g., the Halifax Armoury).

ee also

* Armorer
* Arsenal
* Magazine (artillery)
* Kremlin Armoury

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