Italian cruiser Alberico da Barbiano

Italian cruiser Alberico da Barbiano

"Alberico da Barbiano" was an Italian "Condottieri" class light cruiser, that served in the Regia Marina during World War II. She was named after Alberico da Barbiano, an Italian "condottiere" of the 14th century.

"Da Barbiano" was launched on 23 August 1930. During her trials she managed to reach a speed of Convert|42.05|kn|mph km/h, but to do that the propulsion was pushed to 123,479 hp, far beyond the safety limits. She could only maintain this speed for about 30 minutes.

On July 9, 1940 she was present at the battle of Punto Stilo. On September 1 she was assigned as a training ship but on March 1 1941 was placed in active service. She was sunk on 13 December 1941 in the Battle of Cape Bon by an Allied destroyer flotilla. The "Alberico Da Barbiano" and "Alberto di Guissano" (another cruiser of the same class) were both lost in this action.

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