Flynn is a surname of Irish descent specifically meaning 'ruddy' or in general reddish. It may refer to:


as a first name

* Flynn Adam Atkins (also known as FLYNN), rapper and member of hip hop group LA Symphony
* Flynn Taggart, a fictional character in the Doom novels

as a surname

* Colin P Flynn, professor at the University of Illinois
* Dan Flynn, Texas politician
* Daniel Flynn, English actor
* Daniel Flynn, New Zealand cricketer
* Daniel J. Flynn, American conservative author
* Edmund James Flynn, lawyer in Canada
* Edward Flynn, (various)
* Errol Flynn, Australian-American movie actor
* Harry Flynn, Roman Catholic Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
* Greg Flynn, Australian novelist
* Homer Flynn, Spokesman for The Cryptic Corporation and possible member of avant-garde San Francisco art collective The Residents
* James R. Flynn, intelligence researcher in New Zealand
* Jimmy Flynn, American actor
* Jim Flynn, American country musicsongwriter
* Joe Flynn, American actor
* John Flynn, (various)
* Kevin Flynn, a character in the movie "Tron" played by Jeff Bridges
* Michael Flynn, American Science Fiction author.
* Michael J. Flynn, American scientist and inventor of Flynn's taxonomy
* Mike Flynn, (various)
* Neil Flynn, American actor known for his role on the American TV series "Scrubs"
* Nick Flynn, poet and writer
* Pádraig Flynn, Irish politician between 1977 and 1999
* Patrick Flynn, (various)
* Quinton Flynn, American voice actor
* Raymond Flynn, former mayor of Boston, Massachusetts
* Robert Flynn, guitarist for the Metal band Machine Head
* Vince Flynn American author
* William J. Flynn (1867–1928), director of the Bureau of Investigation from 1919 to 1921
* William Smith Flynn (1885–1966), Governor of Rhode Island from 1923 to 1925


* Flynn's Taxonomy, a system for classifying computer architectures
* The Flynn Effect, the gradual rise in IQ test scores
* "Flynn" (film), a 1996 Australian film
* Flynn, Australian Capital Territory, a suburb in the Canberra district of Belconnen
* The Division of Flynn, an Australian Electoral Division in the state of Queensland
* Flynn Township, Michigan, USA

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