Zionist entity

Zionist entity

Zionist entity is a term used primarily in the Arab worldcite book | title=Legitimacy and Force: Natural and International Dimensions| last=Kirkpatrick| first=Jeane| authorlink=Jeane Kirkpatrick| date=1988| pages=7| publisher=Transaction Publishers| id=ISBN 0-88738-647-4|quote=In this Arab world where faith and politics are linked, traditionalists and radicals, Saudis and Libyans, can unite in hostility against the state of Israel - whose right to exist they deny, whose very existence they refuse to acknowledge, whose name they refuse to utter, calling Israel instead 'the Zionist entity' or 'the deformed Zionist entity'.] Cohen, Getzel M. (2006). "The Hellenistic Settlements in Syria, the Red Sea Basin, and North Africa". University of California Press, 420 (footnote 44). ISBN 0520241487. "Many Arab and Palestinian spokespeople have stopped calling the State of Israel by its name and have reverted to the expression 'the Zionist entity'. This can be understood as a return to questioning the very legitimacy of the existence of the state Israel."] Karsh, Efraim (2000). "Fabricating Israeli History: The "New Historians". Routledge, 11. ISBN 0714650110. "...echoing not only the long-standing Arab castigation of Israel as 'the Zionist entity'..."] as a pejorative euphemism for the State of Israel.Lassner, Jacob and Troen, S. Ilan. "Jews and Muslims in the Arab World: Haunted by Pasts Real and Imagined", Rowman & Littlefield, 2007, 129. ISBN 0742558428. "Does their approach to the Zionist entity, the pejorative euphemism by which they refer to Israel, differ from mainstream Palestinian nationalists..."] Karsh, Efraim. [http://www.meforum.org/article/605 Arafat's Grand Strategy] , "Middle East Forum", Volume XI, Number 2, Spring 2004. "This pervasive denigration of Jews has been accompanied by a systematic denial of the Jewish state's legitimacy by both the PA and the PLO. Israel is often referred to by the pejorative phrase, 'the Zionist entity.' Israel is glaringly absent from Palestinian maps, which portray its territory as part of a 'Greater Palestine,' from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean."] It has been called a term of racial hatred,cite book | title=The One-state Solution| last=Tilley| first=Virginia Q.| date=2005| pages=198| publisher=University of Michigan Press| id=ISBN 0-472-11513-8|quote=Nevertheless, no special Jewish sensitivity is required to glean racial hatred from Palestinian suicide bombings of Jewish civilians, bombings and defacings of synagogues in Europe, hostile rhetoric about 'the Jews' from such Islamic groups as Hezbollah and Hamas, and decades of Arab-state rhetoric about 'the Jews' and the 'Zionist entity'.] and was particularly popular in official broadcasts of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan during the 1960s and 70s.cite book | title=Under this Blazing Light| last=Oz| first=Amos| authorlink=Amos Oz| date=1996| pages=4| publisher=Cambridge University Press| id=ISBN 0-521-57622-9|quote=...the transmissions of Jordan, Syria, and Egypt. Whenever they referred to Israel, they used the term 'the Zionist entity'. The announcer would say, 'the so-called government of the so-called state', but would stop short of pronouncing the word Israel, as if it were a four letter word.] The phrase is seen as a means of expressing extreme hostility towards Israel, and denying Israel's existence.Sank, Diane & Caplan, David I. (1991). "To Be a Victim: Encounters with Crime and Injustice". Plenum Press, 289. ISBN 030643962X. "The very phrase 'Zionist entity' reveals the ultimate intention of those who use it. The State of Israel cannot be dignified by being called by its proper name. To refer to it as 'Israel' is to acknowledge its existence as a legal entity."] cite book | title=Propaganda and the Ethics of Persuasion| last=Marlin| first=Randal| date=2002| pages=161| publisher=Broadview Press| id=ISBN 1-55111-376-7| quote=Nations can be ignored by not recognizing their existence. Some Arabs would prefer not to speak of 'Israel', but of the 'Zionist entity'.]

The phrase gained prominence during the lead up to the 1967 war. [Karsh, Efraim, "Islamic Imperialism", p. 167.] For example, Algerian Prime Minister Houari Boumedienne called for "the destruction of the Zionist entity" at this time. [http://www.sixdaywar.org/content/threats.asp]


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