List of highest points of Canadian provinces and territories

List of highest points of Canadian provinces and territories

This is a list of the highest points of the Canadian provinces and territories, by height.

* Fairweather Mountain is the officially-gazetted name, but Mount Fairweather is the common usage. Mount Fairweather is on the boundary with Alaska, with only the summit and about 1/3 of the peak's massif within British Columbia. The highest summit completely within British Columbia is Mount Waddington convert|4019|m|ft|0|abbr=on in the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains.
**Because it is on the Continental Divide, Mount Columbia is in British Columbia as well as Alberta.
*** This peak, which lies on the border between the two provinces, is known as Mount Caubvick in Newfoundland and Labrador and Mont D'Iberville in Quebec. The difference in heights between the Labrador and Quebec sides is not a misprint; the summit of the mountain is entirely within Labrador, about 10 metres from the provincial border.
**** The main peak of Maple Mountain has a higher vertical rise over the surrounding landscape, 37 metres higher than the Ishpatina Ridge rising over Scarecrow Lake.

***** Nirvana is the official name of this mountain and shows on alpine literature as such, as of 2008 the Canadian Government still refers to it as "unnamed peak".

Lowest points

Since there is no land area of Canada that is below sea level, [] the lowest elevation of Canada is at any point along its maritime coast, and all provinces and territories except Alberta and Saskatchewan have a maritime coast. The shore of Lake Athabasca, which straddles Alberta and Saskatchewan, is Saskatchewan's lowest dry point (213 metres above sea level). The Slave River (which drains Lake Athabasca) flows from Northeastern Alberta into the Northwest Territories and is Alberta's lowest point at the N.W.T. border (152 metres above sea level).


* [ Principal heights by range or region (Statistics Canada)]

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