Robert Lomas

Robert Lomas

Robert Lomas is a British writer and business studies academic. He writes primarily about the history of Freemasonry as well as the Neolithic period, ancient engineering and archaeoastronomy. Lomas regularly lectures at the Orkney International Science Festival. cite book|url=|title=Turning The Solomon Key|author=Lomas, Robert (forward by Katherine Neville)|month=September | year=2006|publisher=Fair Winds Press|isbn=1592332293]


Lomas gained a First Class Honours degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Salford before being awarded a Ph.D. for his research into solid state physics and crystalline structures. [Lomas, R. (1972) Electrical and Structural Properties of Some Evaporated Semiconducting Films, PhD Thesis, Univ of Salford]

While Lomas' chief areas of research is on the subject of Freemasonry, he also lectures on science. According to his website, Lomas is a regular supporter of the Orkney International Science Festival having lectured there, chaired sessions and taken part in the schools support sessions over a period of eight years. He also writes on the Neolithic period and archaeoastronomy, ancient mysteries, stone monuments and megaliths, and on both astronomical and astrological data.

In April 2007 Lomas was invited to deliver the Wednesday evening Public Lecture at Gresham College. [ Gresham College Public Lecture Series] , a private institute which exists to offer free lectures to the public. He was asked to speak about his historical research into part played by Sir Robert Moray in founding of the Royal Society, which held its first meeting at Gresham College in 1660. [ The Royal Society - The role of Gresham College]

Whilst writing "The Book Of Hiram" and as part of his on-going research into the cultural origin of scientific ideas, Lomas established an electronic database of Masonic materialcite web|url=|title=The Web of Hiram|publisher=University of Bradford: J.B.Priestley Library Special Collection] , as part of the University of Bradford's Special Collections Library. [ Bradford University Special Collections] Lomas has also made available an online version of William Preston's "Illustrations of Masonry".

In the past, Lomas has worked on electronic weapons systems and emergency services command and control systems. cite web|url=|publisher=A.M.Heath & Company Ltd.|author=Bill Hamilton|title=Robert Lomas Profile] He currently lectures on Information Systems at the University of Bradford's School of Management, one of the UK's leading business schools.cite web|url=|publisher=Bradford University School of Management|title=Dr Bob Lomas, Lecturer in Technological Management]


Lomas's theories about the origins of Freemasonry have caused controversy among Masonic historians. The romantic nature of his writings are reminiscent of other famous masonic authors such as the late J. S. Ward and Arthur Edward Waite. The Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon is particularly critical of Lomas's work, as is Quatuor Coronati Lodge (The lodge of research attached to the United Grand Lodge of England), dubbing it "pseudo-history" and even "fiction". On the other hand, many Masons find Lomas's work interesting and worthy of further study. For example, the Grand Lodge of Queensland, Australia asked him to write a history of Freemasonry for its Masonic Training Module. [Lomas, R (2002)A Brief History of Freemasonry. Produced as a contribution to the Masonic Training Programme of the Grand Lodge of Queensland]

Inspiration of fictional work

According to an interview with Martin Faulks of Lewis Masonic, it is thought by some freemasons that Lomas might be the inspiration for the character of Dr. Robert Langdon, in Dan Brown's thriller, "The Da Vinci Code". cite news|url=|title=From Darkness to Light: An Interview with Brother Martin Faulks of Lewis Masonic|author=Gower, Peter|work=The Ashlar]


Writing Alone

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With Geoffrey Lancaster

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With Christopher Knight

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