Romanian Academy

Romanian Academy

The Romanian Academy (Romanian: "Academia Română") is a cultural forum founded in Romania in 1866. It covers the scientific, artistic and literary domains. The academy has 181 acting members who are elected for life.

According to its bylaws, the academy's main goals are the cultivation of Romanian language and Romanian literature, the study of the national history of Romania and research into major scientific domains. Some of the academy's fundamental projects are the Romanian language dictionary ("Dicţionarul explicativ al limbii române"), the dictionary of Romanian literature, and the treatise on the history of the Romanian people.


On the initiative of C.A. Rosetti, the Academy was founded on April 1, 1866, as "Societatea Literară Română". The founding members were Vasile Alecsandri, Vincenţiu Babeş, George Bariţ, Ioan D. Caragiani, Timotei Cipariu, Dimitrie Cozacovici, Ambrosiu Dimitrovici, Ştefan Gonata, Alexandru Hâjdău, Ion Heliade Rădulescu (the first President), Iosif Hodoşiu, Alexandru Hurmuzaki, Nicolae Ionescu, August Treboniu Laurian, Titu Maiorescu, I. C. Massim, Andrei Mocioni, Gavriil Munteanu, Costache Negruzzi, Alexandru Roman, C.A. Rosetti, Ion G. Sbiera, Constantin Stamati, Ioan Străjescu, and V. A. Urechia. The name changed to "Societatea Academică Romînă" in 1867, and finally to "Academia Română" in 1879, during the reign of Prince, and --from 1881-- King Carol I (Charles 1st) of independent Romania.

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