name = "Threskiornis"

image_width = 250px
image_caption = Australian White Ibis, Darling Harbour, Sydney
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Aves
ordo = Ciconiiformes
familia = Threskiornithidae
genus = " Threskiornis "
genus_authority = J E Gray, 1842
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision = "Th. aethiopicus"
"Th. bernieri"
"Th. melanocephalus"
"Th. molucca"
"Th. spinicollis"

"Threskiornis" is a genus of ibises, wading birds of the family Threskiornithidae. They occur in the warmer parts of the Old World in southern Asia, Australasia and sub-Saharan Africa.

They are colonial breeders, which build a stick nest in a tree or bush and lay 2-4 eggs.

They occur in marshy wetlands and feed on various fish, frogs, crustaceans and insects.

Adult "Threskiornis" ibises are typically 75cm long and have white body plumage. The bald head, neck and legs are black. The bill is thick and curved. Sexes are similar, but juveniles have whiter necks duller plumage. The Straw-necked Ibis differs from the other species in having dark upperparts, and is some times placed in the separate genus "Carphibis" (Jameson, 1835)as "Carphibis spinicollis".

The species are:

* Sacred Ibis, "Threskiornis aethiopicus"
* Madagascar Sacred Ibis, "Threskiornis bernieri"
* Black-headed Ibis, "Threskiornis melanocephalus"
* Australian White Ibis, "Threskiornis molucca"
* Straw-necked Ibis, "Threskiornis spinicollis"

The extinct Réunion Sacred Ibis, "Threskiornis solitarius" also belonged to this genus.

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