Wu may refer to:

* Wu (region), a region in China, associated with:
** Wu Chinese, a subdivision of spoken Chinese spoken in the Wu region
** Wu (state), a state in the Wu region during the Spring and Autumn Period
** Wu (kingdom), also called Kingdom of Wu or Sun Wu, a state in southeastern China during the Three Kingdoms Period
** Wu (Ten Kingdoms), one of the kingdoms during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period
** Wuyue, one of the kingdoms during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period
* Wú (negative), Zhaozhou's response to the question: "Does a dog have the Buddha-nature?"
* Wu (surname) (or Woo), several different Chinese surnames
** "Ta-You Wu", Chinese-born physicist (1907–2000)
** "Chien-Shiung Wu", Chinese-born physicist (1912–1997)
** David Wu, a United States Congressman from Oregon
** Harry Wu, a human rights activist
** Tim Wu, a legal academic
** Wu Wenjun, mathematician
** Mr. Wu a character from the TV series Deadwood
** A character referred to in songs by George Formby
*A number of Chinese emperors
**Emperor Wu of Han, one of the most influential and important emperors of the Han dynasty
**Emperor Wu of Jin China
**Emperor Wu of Liang
**Empress Wu (Wu Zetian) of the Zhou Dynasty
**Cao Cao is also known as Emperor Wu of Wei
* Wu style Taijiquan, also Wu/Hao style Taijiquan
* Wu, Prince of Korea, a royalty of Korea
* A kind of Chinese shaman
* The Wu-Tang Clan, an American rap group with themes based on Chinese folk lore and martial arts movies
*Shen Gong Wu are fictional mystical artifacts from the animated series Xiaolin Showdown
* Wu, the singer of alternative rock band This Et Al
* Wu wei, a principle of Taoism
* Wu Yi, Vice Premier of China

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* Yu the Great, founder of the Xia Dynasty.

Wu was born in 304 B.C.

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