Peter Eötvös

Peter Eötvös

Peter Eötvös (born January 2, 1944) is a Hungarian composer and conductor.

Eötvös was born in Odorheiu Secuiesc/Székelyudvarhely (then part of Hungary, now in Romania). He studied composition in Budapest and Cologne. From 1962, he composed for film in Hungary. Eötvös played regularly with the Stockhausen Ensemble between 1968 and 1976. From 1979 to 1991, he was Musical Director and conductor of the Ensemble InterContemporain (EIC). From 1985 to 1988, he was principal guest conductor with the BBC Symphony Orchestra. He is principal guest conductor of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra since 2003.

Eötvös's music shows the influence of a variety of composers. As director of Ensemble InterContemporain, he was exposed to many exotic and respected samples of concert music, as is evidenced in the variety of timbres and sound-worlds within his music. Extended techniques such as over-pressure bowings coexist with lyrical folk songs, and synthesized sounds. Eötvös also is technologically competent, and provides detailed instructions on how to mic instruments for electronic manipulation or amplification. His first larger scale compositions were for film. This often reflects on his later pieces in moments of atmospheric airiness. Two of his compositions for orchestra and voice, "Atlantis" and "Ima", were inspired by Sándor Weöres' poem "Néma zene", which provides the libretto of these pieces.

In conducting Eötvös is meticulous like Boulez, and brings out many of the minutia of a score. At the same time, Eötvös's interpretations seem to differ significantly from Boulez's. While Boulez is known for cooler expression and a focus on sonorities, Eötvös's interpretations are more dramatic, but without a loss of control.


* "Love and Other Demons", opera (Date|2008-08-10, Glyndebourne Festival)
* "Lady Sarashina", opera (Date|2008-03-04, Opéra de Lyon)
* "Angels in America", opera (2002–2004)
* "As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams", opera (1998–99)
* "Atlantis", for Orchestra (1995)
* "Le Balcon", opera (2001/02)
* "Der Blick", tape (1997)
* "Drei Madrigalkomödien", for 12 Voices::*"Insetti galanti" (1970–90):*"Hochzeitsmadrigal" (1963–76):*"Moro Lasso" (1963–72)
* "CAP-KO", concerto for piano, keyboard and orchestra (2005)
* "Chinese Opera", for Orchestra (1986)
* "Cricketmusic", tape (1970)
* "Elektrochronik", tape (1974)
* "Endless Eight I.", for ensemble (1981)
* "Endless Eight II. — Apeiron musikon", for ensemble (1988–89)
* "Erdenklavier-Himmelklavier", for solo piano (2003)
* "Harakiri", opera (1973)
* "IMA", for choir and orchestra (2002)
* "Intervalles-Interieurs", ensemble and electronics (1981)
* "Jet Stream", trumpet concerto (2002)
* "Korrespondenz", for string quartet (1992)
* "Mese (Märchen /Tale/Conte)", tape (1968)
* "Paris–Dakar", for ensemble (2000)
* "Psalm 151", for percussion (1993)
* "Psy", for ensemble (1996)
* "Psychokosmos", zymbalon concerto (1993)
* "Radames", chamber opera (1975/97)
* "Replica", viola concerto (1998)
* "Shadows" (1996)
* "Snatches of a conversation", for ensemble (2001)
* "Steine", for ensemble (1985–90)
* "Three sisters", opera (1996–97)
* "Thunder", solo timpani (1993)
* "Triangel", percussionist and ensemble (1993)
* "Two monologues", for baritone and orchestra (1998)
* "Two poems to Polly", solo cello (1998)
* "Windsequenzen", for ensemble (1975/1987)
* "zeroPoints", for orchestra (1999)

External links

* [ Official Peter Eötvös website]
* [ — Official Lyon National Opera (France) website, where "Three Sisters" premiered in 1998, and where "Lady Sarshina" premiered in March 2008]

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