Even (band)

Even (band)

Even are an Australian indie rock three-piece fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Ashley Naylor, with Matthew Cotter on drums and Wally Kempton (also known as Wally Meanie) on bass and backing vocals. Even formed in Melbourne in 1994 and have played regularly around the live music scene since.


Naylor and Cotter played music together at high school and in indie band The Swarm [http://www.answers.com/topic/even-band-1] , before being joined by Kempton on bass [http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2004/06/03/1086203554265.html?from=storyrhs] . Even played their first gig in 1994 at the Empress of India Hotel in Fitzroy and after a number of EPs, the band released their first studio album, "Less is More" in 1996. From 1996-2004, Even were signed to Rubber Records [http://www.rubberrecords.com.au/artists/index.html] , home to other Melbourne bands such as The Casanovas, Offcuts and 1200 Techniques. They released their latest LP "Free Kicks" on an independent label in 2004 [http://www.even.com.au] . Kempton is also the bass player for local punk outfit The Meanies, and organised the 2005 Hoodoo Gurus tribute album "Stonage Cameos". [http://www.undercover.com.au/news/2005/jul05/20050726_hoodoogurus.html] . Naylor has always been a fan of 1960s and '70s pop music [http://onstagemag.com/ar/performance_even_aussie_band/] , with the bands 1997 release "Come Again" being described by You Am I frontman Tim Rogers as his "favourite Beatles album" [http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2004/06/03/1086203554265.html?from=storyrhs] .Even's debut album "Less Is More" was voted in at number 36 in an Age poll of the greatest Australian albums ever. [ [http://www.theage.com.au/multimedia/top50/list.html The Top 50 Australian albums ] ]


tudio albums

# "Less is More" (1996)
# "Come Again" (1997)
# "A Different High" (2001)
# "Free Kicks" (2004)
# "Even" (Self Titled) (2008)


* "The Streetpress Years" (2003)


* "In Stereo" (1996)
* "Ten to Forty-Six" (1996)
* "Don't Wait" (1996)
* "One Side Not" (1996)
* "Stop and Go Man" (1996)


* "All I need" (1996)
* "Rock and Roll Saved My Life" (2001)


External links

* [http://www.even.com.au/ Even official website]
* [http://www.ozmusic-central.com.au/oztabs/def/even/index.html Even guitar tabs]
* [http://onstagemag.com/ar/performance_even_aussie_band/index.htm Onstage interview with Ash Naylor]

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