State of affairs

State of affairs

The state of affairs is that combination of circumstances applying within a society or group at a particular time. The current state of affairs may be considered acceptable by many observers, but not necessarily by all. The state of affairs may present a challenge, or be complicated, or contain a conflict of interest. The status quo represents the existing state of affairs. Unresolved difficulties or disagreements concerning the state of affairs can provoke a crisis. Dispute resolution is naturally desired, and naturally provided, by forms of inclusive social interaction, such as consensus decision-making, which adapt, but not conveniently, from a family or tribal model to encompass a global scope.Current knowledge and discussion about the state of affairs is communicated through the media.

Political and Diplomatic state of affairs

* Political and diplomatic matters, news of elections called or decided, are recorded and replayed by television stations, and announced in reputable long-established newspapers in major capitals.

tate of affairs in Science

* The state of affairs in scientific matters is discussed in those journals read by experts in the field, and results of experiments are published in the respective journals. In scientific circles, the system of peer review is applied, so that those papers and results currently published are first approved, or rejected, by referees selected by the respective journals. For an article to appear in a prestigious journal means that the article will be widely read, and the most influential articles receive more citations by other researchers. The scientific community, in particular computer scientists, and before that the physics speciality, recognised the value of having innovative means of storing and validating knowledge available, online and in the proceedings of conferences, and in archives meant to be increasingly available for study by interested researchers.

tate of affairs in Law

* The state of affairs in legal and judicial matters are published in official court documents and in Law reports.

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*Possible world
*De facto
*The powers that be

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