Lora is a common family name in the Spanish language, which was also a medieval given name. It was originally a patronymic meaning flower of the bay. It is also a given name.


People with the surname Lora

  • Alberto Lora Ramos (born 1987), Spanish football player
  • Alex Lora (born 1952), Mexican musician and composer
  • Francisco Augusto Lora, former vice president of the Dominican Republic and presidential candidate
  • Gonzalo Lora, Spanish born, Mexican based actor, producer and production manager
  • Guillermo Lora (1922-2009), Trotskyist leader in Bolivia
  • Luis Eduardo Lora (born 1986), Colombian football player
  • Mathias Loras (1792-1858), French priest, first Bishop of the Dubuque Diocese
  • Miguel "Happy" Lora (born 1961), Colombian boxer
  • Ñico Lora (1880-1971), Dominican, father of Merengue music
  • Saturnino and Mariano Lora, Cuban brothers, war heroes

People with the given name Lora


  • Lora, Norway, a village in Lesja municipality in Oppland
  • Lora, Chile a town on the Mataquito River, Chile
  • Lora, a frazioni in the municipality of Campegine, Italy
  • Lora (Split), a neighborhood and naval base in Split, Croatia
  • Lora, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a village and union council in Pakistan
  • Lora de Estepa, a municipality in the province of Seville, Spain
  • Lora del Río, a municipality in the province of Seville, Spain


  • Lora or Leptophis ahaetulla, a Parrot Snake found in northern South America and Trinidad and Tobago
  • Grey Lora or Leptophis stimsoni, a small snake which is endemic to Trinidad and Tobago
  • Lora (genus), a gastropod genus of the turridae family


  • Lora River, Pakistan
  • Falls of Lora, a tidal race which forms at the mouth of Loch Etive, Scotland
  • Loras College, a four-year Catholic university located in Dubuque, Iowa
  • Lora, an Ancient Roman term for a wine substitute later known as piquette
  • LORA, a theatre quasiballistic missile produced in Israel
  • LORA, an acronym for "Level Of Repair Analysis", see Integrated Logistics Support
  • LORA, an acronym for "Logic Of Rational Agents", see BDI Software Agents
  • Lora, a 2007 Hungarian film

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  • Laura (disambiguation)

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