AMD Am2900

AMD Am2900

Am2900 is a family of integrated circuits (ICs) created in 1975 by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). They were constructed with bipolar devices, in a bit-slice topology, and were designed to be used as modular components each representing a different aspect of a computer control unit (CCU). By using a bit slicing technique, Am2900 family was able to implement a CCU with data, addresses, and instructions to be any multiple of 4-bits by multiplying the number of ICs. One major problem with this modular technique was it required a larger amount of ICs to implement what could be done on a single CPU IC. The Am2901 chip was the arithmetic-logic unit (ALU), and the "core" of the series. It could count using 4 bits and implement binary operations as well as various bit-shifting operations.

Computers made with Am2900-family chips

There are probably many more, but here are some known machines using these parts:

* Data General Nova 4, which obtained 16-bit word width using four Am2901 ALUs in parallel; one of the boards has 15 Am2901 ALUs on it [] .
* The Xerox Dandelion, the machine used in the Xerox Star and Xerox 1108 Lisp machine [] .
* The GEC 4060 and 4090 []
* The DEC KS10 PDP-10 model []
* The UCSD Pascal P-machine processor designed at NCR by Joel McCormack
* The Tektronix 4052 graphics system computer
* The SM-1420, Soviet clone of PDP-11, used Soviet clone of AM2901 [Harvcoltxt|Semenenko|1993|p=124]

"Legend holds that some Soviet clones of the PDP-11 were assembled from Soviet clones of the Am2901" [] .

Members of the Am2900 family

*Am2901 – 4-bit bit-slice ALU (1975)
*Am2902 – Look-Ahead Carry Generator
*Am2903 – 4-bit-slice ALU, with hardware multiply
*Am2904 – Status and Shift Control Unit
*Am2905 – Bus Transceiver
*Am2906 – Bus Transceiver with Parity
*Am2907 – Bus Transceiver with Parity
*Am2908 – Bus Transceiver with Parity
*Am2909 – 4-bit-slice address sequencer
*Am2910 – 12-bit address sequencer
*Am2911 – 4-bit-slice address sequencer
*Am2912 – Bus Transceiver
*Am2913 – Priority Interrupt Expander
*Am2914 – Priority Interrupt Controller
*Am2915 – Quad 3-State Bus Transceiver
*Am2916 – Quad 3-State Bus Transceiver
*Am2917 – Quad 3-State Bus Transceiver
*Am2918 – Instruction Register, Quad D Register
*Am2919 – Instruction Register, Quad Register
*Am2920 – Octal D-Type Flip-Flop
*Am2921 – 1-to-8 Decoder
*Am2922 – 8-Input Multiplexer (MUX)
*Am2923 – 8-Input MUX
*Am2924 – 3-Line to 8-Line Decoder
*Am2925 – System Clock Generator and Driver
*Am2926 – Schottky 3-State Quad Bus Driver
*Am2927/Am2928 – Quad 3-State Bus Transceiver
*Am2929 – Schottky 3-State Quad Bus Driver
*Am2930 – Main Memory Program Control
*Am2932 – Main Memory Program Control
*Am2940 – Direct Memory Addressing (DMA) Generator
*Am2942 – Programmable Timer/Counter/DMA Generator
*Am2946/Am2947 – Octal 3-State Bidirectional Bus Transceiver
*Am2948/Am2949 – Octal 3-State Bidirectional Bus Transceiver
*Am2950/Am2951 – 8-bit Bidirectional I/O Ports
*Am2954/Am2955 – Octal Registers
*Am2956/Am2957 – Octal Latches
*Am2958/Am2959 – Octal Buffers/Line Drivers/Line Receivers
*Am2960 – Cascadable 16-Bit Error Detection and Correction Unit
*Am2961/Am2962 – 4-Bit Error Correction Multiple Buss Buffers
*Am2964 – Dynamic Memory Controller
*Am2965/Am2966 – Octal Dynamic Memory Driver,

Many of these chips also have 7400 series numbers such as the 74F2960 / Am2960.

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* German Wiki, Am2900 Accessed 12 Nov, 2005.
* [ Am2900 Family Data Book] - Accessed 12 Nov, 2005.

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