SA may stand for:


* Sturmabteilung, the 'Brown Shirts' or Storm Troopers, paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party in Nazi Germany
* S.A. (corporation) ("Société anonyme" in French, "Sociedad Anónima" in Spanish, "Sociedade Anónima" or "Sociedade Anônima" in Portuguese, "Societate pe Acţiuni" in Romanian, "Spółka Akcyjna" in Polish)
* Sexaholics Anonymous
* Socialist Appeal, a British Trotskyist grouping
* Socialist Alliance, a former English socialist political party
* Students' Association
* Salvation Army
* Suomen armeija, Finnish Army, a former name of the Finnish Defence Forces
* Socialist Alternative
* Skate America
* Springfield Armory, Inc., a United States firearms manufacturer
* Sherut Avir, air branch of the Haganah


* Saudi Arabia, abbreviation in 2-letter country codes under ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
* Saline County, Kansas
* Santa Ana, California
* San Andreas, California
* San Antonio, city in Texas
* South Africa (informally, more usually "RSA", and the ISO country code is "ZA")
* South America (informal)
* South Australia (official state abbreviation and postcode)


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* South African Airways in IATA code
* SA postcode area, also known as the Swansea postcode area
* Sanskrit language (ISO 639)


* Sydney Academy, a school in Sydney, Nova Scotia

People and Occupations

* S.A. Martinez of the band 311
* Southern Appeal, a conservative web blog by Steve Dillard
* Seaman Apprentice
* Special Agent
* Supporting Artiste, another term for an extra (actor)
* System administrator (computer industry)
* United States Secretary of the Army
* Sales Associate, a position or career within a corporate organization

Mathematics, Science, and Technology

* Salicylic acid, a plant hormone
* Selective Availability, the mechanism for deliberately degrading the precision of the civilian Global Positioning System network
* Simulated Annealing
* Superabundant number
* Structured analysis (software engineering)
* SpamAssassin
* Unbarred spiral galaxy
* Surface-to-air missile
* Systems analysis, and a Systems Analyst
* Single action, a type of trigger (firearms)
* Security Association in the IPsec networking protocol
* Spherical aberration

Arts and Entertainment

* Second Age of J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth (usually written "S.A.")
* Soprano and alto, a score for woman's chorus
* Special A, manga series by Maki Minami and anime
* Sonic Adventure, a hi-speed 3D platform game
* Stick Arena, free online multiplayer browser-based game
* Something Awful, a comedy website
* Say Anything (band), from Los Angeles, California
* Sonata Arctica, a Finnish power metal band
* Soziedad Alkoholika, a Spanish punk rock band


* SA, Sanyo' s mobile phones in Japan
* SAs, self-adhesive postage stamps
* Self-Assessment, in UK tax returns (e.g. "Form SA100")
* Situation awareness, a component of aviation safety and other socio-technical systems
* Shareholders Agreement
* Social anxiety (also known as 'social phobia' or 'social anxiety disorder')
* "Short answer", a type of free response question in a test or quiz
* Microsoft Software Assurance
* Sustainability Appraisal, in UK planning law
* Surviving Antarctica, a book by Andrea White

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