Supersonic (disambiguation)

Supersonic (disambiguation)

Supersonic refers to any speed over the speed of sound, and may also refer to:

In music:

* "Supersonic" (song), a 1994 single by Oasis
* "Supersonic" (Jamiroquai song), a 1999 single by Jamiroquai
* "Supersonics" (single), a 1996 promotional single by The Presidents of the United States of America
* "Supersonic", a 1989 song by The Mr. T Experience from their album "Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood"
* "Supersonic", a 1991 song by The Nymphs from their album "The Nymphs"
* "Supersonic", a 1995 song by Suddenly, Tammy! from their album "(We Get There When We Do.)"
* "Super-Sonic", a 1997 song by The Brian Jonestown Massacre from their album "Give It Back!"
* "Super Sonic", a 1998 single by Music Instructor from their album "Electric City of Music Instructor"
* "Supersonic", a 1999 song by The Sharpshooters from their album "Viva Los Guerrillas!"
* "Supersonic", a 2001 song by The Lads from their album "Marvel"
* "Supersonic", a 2002 song by Bad Religion from their album "The Process of Belief"
* "Supersonic", a 2003 song by Basement Jaxx from their album "Kish Kash"
* "Supasonic", a 2004 song by Beverley Knight from her album "Affirmation"
* "Supersonic", a 2006 song by Cowboy Mouth from their album "Voodoo Shoppe"
* "Supersonic", a 2006 song by Family Force 5 from their album "Business Up Front/Party in the Back"
* "Supersonic", a 2007 song by Sophie Ellis-Bextor from her album "Trip the Light Fantastic"

* "Supersonic" (album), a 1988 album by J J Fad, and a single from the album
* "Supersonic", a 2002 album by Shola Ama

In other uses:
* Super Sonic, a transformation of the video game character Sonic the Hedgehog
** "Super Sonic", a 1993 episode of the American animated TV series "Sonic the Hedgehog"
* "Supersonic" (TV show), a UK pop-music programme that debuted in 1975

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