The Ring

The Ring

The Ring may refer to:

;Work titles
*"Der Ring des Nibelungen", a series of operas by Richard Wagner

In literature:
*"The Ring" (poem) (ca. 1400), a late medieval poem by Heinrich Wittenwiler
*"The Ring" (magazine) (from 1922), a prominent boxing magazine
*The One Ring, a fictional object in "The Lord of the Rings" (1954)
*"The Ring" (book), a children's book by John Updike
*"The Ring" (1988 book), by Daniel Keys Moran.

In film and television:
*"The Ring" (1927 film) (1927), a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock
*"The Ring" (1952 film) (1952), a film directed by Kurt Neumann with Rita Moreno
*"The Rings" (1985) "Zangha", an Iranian horror film
*"Ring" (film) (1998) "Ringu", a Japanese horror film
**Ring 2 (1999) Japanese sequel to the 1998 film
*"The Ring" (2002 film), the American remake of the Japanese film by Gore Verbinski, with Naomi Watts
**"The Ring Two" (2005), the sequel to the American remake
*"The Ring" ("Angel") (2000), an "Angel" episode
*"The Ring" ("Yes, Dear") (2002), a "Yes, Dear" episode
*"The Ring of Destiny", a 1915 film
* "The Ring" (1914 Pearl White film), a 1914 black and white, silent film starring Pearl White
* "The Ring" (1914 Victory Bateman film), a 1914 black and white, silent short film starring Victory Bateman
* "The Ring", a 1996 TV movie based on the novel by Danielle Steel

In popular culture
*The Ring (band), a disco group active from 1977-1983
*"", a video game for the Sega Dreamcast, loosely based on the Japanese horror novel
*"The Ring" (manga comic), series of manga comic books published in North America by Digital Manga Publishing

In jargon or slang
*Nürburgring, known as simply "the Ring" by enthusiasts, is a famous motorsport race track in Nürburg, Germany
*Vaginal ring, a hormonal contraceptive device also known as "The Ring"
* an Inner Circle of the Chicago Outfit, a crime syndicate, was also known as "the Ring".

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