Strike may refer to:

Refusal to work or perform

* Strike action, also known as a Walkout, a work stoppage by a corporation or public institution
* General strike, a strike action by a critical mass of the labor force in a city, region or country
*Church strike, strike decided by the Christian church
*Prison strike, a strike taking place inside a prison
*Student strike a mass refusal of students to go to class, in protest of school issues, or in sympathy with a strike action or general strike
* Culture strike, refusal to produce or show art
* Hunger strike, voluntary refusal to eat as an act of protest
* Rent strike, the withholding of rent to achieve certain goals
* Sex strike, refraining from sex to achieve goals

Physical confrontation or removal

* Strike (attack), attack with an inanimate object or a part of the human body intended to cause harm
* Bird strike, a collision between a bird and an aircraft
* Military strike, a limited military attack on a specified target
* Air strike, a military strike by air forces
* Strike through, a typographical effect


* Strike (finance) is the price at which the holder buys or sells if they choose to exercise an option


* Strike from the record, to forbid testimony or evidence from being considered

cience and technology

* Strike (geology), a measure of the orientation of a geologic feature
* Strike and dip, which indicates the compass orientation of a horizontal line on a planar surface
* Lightning strike, electrical discharge between clouds and the ground
* Striking clock, a clock that sounds the hours on a bell or gong
* Cutting (plant), cutting parts of a plant for propagation
* Electric strike

Arts and entertainment

* Strike Entertainment is a production company produced and distributed through Universal Pictures launched in 2003
* Strike (film) a 1925 Soviet silent film by Sergei Eisenstein
* "Strike" (2006 film) a 2006 film by Volker Schlöndorff about a woman who becomes a founder of Poland's Solidarity movement
* Strike series of videogames
* Strike (band), a UK dance music group
* Strike (hip-hop) Hip Hop group from Georgia
* "The Strike" ("Seinfeld" episode)
* Strikebreaker'(short story), a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov
* GAT-X105 Strike Gundam, in the anime series Gundam Seed, the primary mobile suit for the first half of the series
* S.T.R.I.K.E. a fictional intelligence agency in Marvel Comics
* Strike a set in the theatre means to dismantle it after the final performance of a play, and either to discard the materials or store them for a future production.
* "Strikes" (album), a 1979 album by Southern rock band Blackfoot

ports and games

* Strike (baseball), a mark against a batter
* Strike (bowling), when a player knocks down all the pins with the first ball of a frame
* In cricket, a batsman is "on strike" when facing the bowler
* An accurate, driven shot using the laces of the shoe in football (soccer)

ee also

* Striker (disambiguation)
* Gold Strike (disambiguation)

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