Hammudid dynasty

Hammudid dynasty

The Hammudid dynasty is one of the Alid dynasties of Muslim Berbers in Al-Andalus ("i.e." Muslim Iberia, in what is now southern Spain). It is named after their ancestor, Hammud, a descendant of Idris ibn Abdallah, i.e., it is of Idrisid lineage.

The dynasty ruled several principalities ("taifas") after the decline of Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba in early 11th century.

*Córdoba (1016-1018: Ali ibn Hammud, 1018-1021: al-Qasim, 1021-1022: Yahya al-Mutali, 1022-1023: al-Qasim)
*Sevilla (1016, al-Qasim)
*Algeciras (1039–58: al-Qasim and heirs)
*Málaga (1022-1057:Yahya al-Mutali and heirs).

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