Square may mean:


*Square (algebra), to multiply a number or other quantity by itself
**Perfect square
**Square matrix
**Square number
**Square root

*Square (geometry), a polygon with four equal sides and angles
**Unit square

*Square wave, a basic kind of non-sinusoidal waveform


*"Square" (album), an album by Buck 65
*Square (band), a musical trio from Lincoln, Nebraska
*Square Co., former video game company that merged with Enix to become Square Enix
**Square Electronic Arts, joint venture between console video game developers Square and Electronic Arts
**Square Enix, a video game company formed by the merger of Enix and Square
**Square Pictures, a computer-animated film division of Square Co.
*"The Square" (1994 film), a Chinese documentary
*"The Square" (2008 film), an Australian film
*The Squares, an English band that formed in 1985


*A modifier adjective, used when describing fielding positions in cricket
*An adjective or noun, used when describing two positions parallel with one another relative to the goal in football (soccer)
*Square character (■), a written character
*Square (slang), an unhip person or a cigarette


*Square Lake, Maine, an unorganized territory in Aroostook County, Maine
*The Square, a common name for public squares
*Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, the largest open urban square in the world
*Times Square, a popular landmark in New York City
*Town square or Market square, an open area commonly found in the heart of a traditional town
*Trafalgar Square in London, England


*An astrological aspect of 90 degrees
*Broken square
*Carpentry square, a tool
*Infantry square
*Square (area), an Imperial unit of floor area and other construction materials
*Square (cipher), a cryptographic block cipher
*Square division, a form of military organization
*Square rig, a type of sail and rigging arrangement
*SQUARE methodology, a CERT SEE developed methodology for security requirements engineering

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