The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II

The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II

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Title=The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II
Series=Drawn Together
Airdate=October 19 2005
Writer= Matt Silverstein, Dave Jeser

Caption = The new show introductory featuring Strawberry Sweetcake replacing Wooldoor.
Director= Dwayne Carey-Hill
Production = 201
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"The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II" is the eighth episode of the animated series "Drawn Together".


The conclusion of the cliffhanger involves the cast crash landing on a supposedly deserted island, a parody of "Survivor" presumably forthcoming. However, just as "Survivor" host Jeff Probst shows up, Foxxy tells the other housemates that after a season on a reality TV show, they're officially celebrities, so they go to the airport located in the city on the other side of the island and head to Hollywood. Toot (who had fallen out of the helicopter just before it crashed) is left behind, where she becomes an object of veneration for the island's native people, who think that she's a beached whale. In order to please her, they begin feeding her everything—and everyone—they can get their hands on. In Hollywood, the housemates discover that no one really cares about reality TV stars; Wooldoor, depressed, hangs himself. After the funeral, the other housemates all head back to the "Drawn Together" house, believing it to be the only place they really belong. The producer allows them to return, but demands that they find a new housemate to replace Wooldoor. After exhaustive interviews, they finally select Strawberry Sweetcake, an eighteen-year-old who looks eight, which satisfies Captain Hero's long dormant pedophile urges. Harmony is quickly broken, though, when Wooldoor—who was still alive—comes back to the house and reveals that his people were systematically slaughtered in a mass genocide by the Sweetcake people and turned into snack foods. Strawberry Sweetcake insists that it's all in the past, and everyone should just let bygones be bygones. Wooldoor is skeptical, but even he succumbs to Sweetcake's charms, and finally, everyone forgives her—everyone except Foxxy, that is, who is convinced that Sweetcake is up to no good.

Foxxy snoops around Sweetcake's living space, but just as she discovers a vital clue, she gets hit in the back of the head with an enormous strawberry and is tied up and gagged in a closet. In the meantime, Strawberry Sweetcake tags Wooldoor and induces him to climb into a boiling pot. The housemates confront Sweetcake about what she is doing, but it is not until Foxxy manages to get free that they learn the true nature of Strawberry Sweetcake's plan—a vending machine filled with snack foods made out of dead Sockbats, including several close relatives of Wooldoor. The housemates prepare to capture Sweetcake and bring her to justice, but she manages to get hold of Xandir's sword and threatens to kill them all. Back on the island, the native people have given all they have to Toot, and have nothing left to feed her, so they pack her with dynamite and blow her across the ocean; the resulting rain of vomit from everything Toot ate destroys the island. Toot crash lands back in the "Drawn Together" house, where she saves the day by eating Sweetcake. The episode ends with everyone—including Wooldoor—eating Sweetcake's Sockbat Snacks.

Musical number: "Sunshine", which plays while Sweetcake and the housemates enjoy a series of fun activities together, including flying kites together, riding a seesaw, playing Russian roulette, having a massive group orgy, and clubbing baby seals. The DVD version includes an additional song, "Shit Sandwich", sung by all the housemates minus Toot; it appears during a montage in which the housemates have returned home to find fame not awaiting them. Toot does not appear in the song because she was still on the island during the scene in question.

Notes and inside references

* The creators told "TV Guide" in their 2005 Fall Preview Issue that a main character would be killed off; this was technically fulfilled, though not in the way fans expected. Wooldoor does appear to die, but then he's proven to be alive and well; Strawberry Sweetcake dies when Toot eats her, but she was technically a guest character.

* At one point in the episode, a one-liner by one of the characters is accompanied by a native playing a drum response on a turtle shell. Throughout the rest of the season, once in a while, a one-liner by one of the characters cuts to a scene of the same native playing the same drum riff. This is a reference to old-fashioned nightclub comics, who, after delivering a one-liner, would gesture to the drummer, who would then play a sting.

* After the crash, Clara takes a roll call of the characters to see if anyone's missing. She refers to her fellow castmates as: "little retard, swine, rat, big retard, Xandir, blacky boo" and "fatty fatty two by four can't fit through the kitchen door," referring to Wooldoor, Spanky, Ling-Ling, Hero, Xandir, Foxxy, and Toot, respectively.

* Wooldoor's age is finally revealed in this episode. When he hangs himself, his birth and death dates are given in the Anno Mundi reckoning used by the Hebrew calendar. His year of birth is given as 5753, which equates to the Gregorian year 1993, making Wooldoor about thirteen years old as of the episode's airdate.

* During the revolving door montage, Princess Clara is seen getting turned down by Double Hemm, the production company that makes "Drawn Together". Ling-Ling is denied an audition with Disney Food Supply.

* Xandir's special video game move is called the "reach around," a slang term in gay sex for the penetrating partner masturbating the penetrated partner.

* Cree Summer provides the voice of Strawberry Sweetcake.

* The foetus that Strawberry Sweetcake aborts from Wooldoor is seen being used by Xandir at the beginning of Lost in Parking Space for stem-cell research.

* The "this season on "Drawn Together" teaser that airs at the end of this episode confirmed that Season Two would include the unaired "Terms of Endearment" episode, as the creators had already indicated on the Season One DVD. Clips from the next four episodes (through "Clum Babies") are included as well.

Animated cameos

* At the beginning of the episode, the corpses of Mickey Mouse and Charlie Brown, along with a Wile E. Coyote-shaped crater, can be seen amongst the wreckage on the beach.

* Among those interviewed by the houseguests as potential roommates are Scorpion from "Mortal Kombat" (who performs his spear grab on Xandir, followed by his "" head rip fatality), Speedy Gonzales (who is a cocaine addict), Wilma Flintstone (who uses a prehistoric worm as a tampon), and the Monty Python foot, which squashes Spanky. Also, during a pan of the living room while the houseguests sort résumés, a résumé can be seen with a picture of Blossom (with Buttercup's green eyes) from "The Powerpuff Girls" attached.

Cultural references

* Strawberry Sweetcake is a spoof of Strawberry Shortcake.

* The blowing off of the helicopter's back and one of the passengers being sucked out is a spoof of the movie "X-Men 2"Fact|date=July 2008; in that scene, Anna Paquin suffers, but survives, the same fate.

* Captain Hero's line, "With my super powers, I easily could have saved us, but I couldn't react. Why not? Because I smoke marijuana. Still think drugs are cool?" is a reference to a series of public service announcements about the harmful effects of marijuana.

* When the housemates fly away from the island and pass over Toot in the water, she yells "Wait!" while an instrumental piece from "Titanic" plays. At the end of that movie, Kate Winslet's character yells "Wait!" to a departing search and rescue boat, only for them not to hear her.

* In the DVD version of the episode, after the housemates go back to the places they came from, they sing a song called "Shit Sandwich". One line in the song is "But those dreams burned up like a concert with Great White". This refers to The Station nightclub fire, an incident in which 100 people lost their lives when a Rhode Island nightclub caught fire during a Great White performance.

* The scene where Wooldoor hangs himself is a parody of Brooks Hatlen's suicide in the movie "The Shawshank Redemption". The paper clip that offers Wooldoor advice while he writes a suicide note is a reference to the computer program Microsoft Office, in which users can activate an animated Office Assistant that offers them advice; one of the icons users can choose is an anthropomorphic paper clip nicknamed "Clippy".

* After Wooldoor hangs himself on the support beam he hangs from there is an inscription 'Wooldoor was here' complete with characteristic doodle of big-nosed person (here resembling a Wooldoor) peeking over the fence. This is the reference to the graffiti 'Kilroy was here' popular among U.S. servicemen during Second World War.

* When Wooldoor "dies", the screen fades to white and a title card appears listing Wooldoor's birthday and date of death. This is a reference is to the HBO show "Six Feet Under" where every episode begins with a death, and after the death the screen fades to white and the card gives the deceased's name and birthday.

* Spanky mentions that the housemates interviewed "Two claymated guys(Wallace and Gromit), and this finger puppet, and this Monty Python cutout thing." A giant cardboard foot then crushes him; the cardboard foot was a recurring gag in "Monty Python's Flying Circus".

* After Sweetcake is chosen as the new housemate, a new opening sequence is shown which features Sweetcake as a housemate instead of Wooldoor. At the end of the opening, Toot jumps out of the water over a boy standing on a rock, a reference to the movie "Free Willy".

* The situation between the Sweetcakes and the Sockbats is an allegory of the Holocaust.
**Sweetcake makes it clear at the end of the episode that the Sweetcakes are supposed to represent the Nazis, and that Wooldoor's people are supposed to represent the Jews when she refers to him as "hook nose," a common derogatory remark for Jews.
**The pajamas that the Sockbats wear are a reference to the thin striped uniforms that concentration camp prisoners were forced to wear.
**After Wooldoor explains the genocide of his people to the housemates, Clara dismisses his story as part of a plot by the "Sockbat International Bankers," a satirical swipe at Holocaust deniers and Zionist conspiracy theories.

* When Wooldoor wakes up in his coffin, he says that he was able to escape because he'd seen "Kill Bill". The music that plays while he breaks out of the coffin is the same music that plays during the "buried alive" scene in "Kill Bill Vol. 2".

* The scene of Wooldoor digging back to the surface after escaping from his coffin is a reference to the arcade game "Dig Dug".

* The way the Sockbats are turned into food is reminiscent of the film "Soylent Green", which involves the only affordable food in the future being made from people's corpses.

* Wooldoor's red ribbon is a conflation of two different concepts: the awareness ribbon used to show support for a cause, and the string tied around the finger, a device that forgetful people use in order to remind them of some important piece of information. In Wooldoor's case, he is using it as a reminder to "never forget" the slaughtering of the Sockbats.

* At one point, the leader of the island natives makes a speech to Toot listing all the things she has taken from them, culminating with the pledge that "We will never let you take—our freedom!", a direct reference to the speech Mel Gibson delivers as William Wallace in "Braveheart".

* Toot's dynamiting by the natives is a parody of the exploding whale incident in Oregon, down to the view of the explosion and the smashed cars from the falling pieces.

* The soiled underwear in the vending machine and Ling-Ling's enthusiastic reaction is a reference to a trend in Japan in the 1990s in which girls were paid money for their used underwear, which was then sold in vending machines. The panty-machines were eventually outlawed; they have since become objects of fetishism in Japan and can be found in underground and illegal pornography stores.

*When Foxxy comments that Sweetcake is not the first to try and tie her up and eat her friend in front of her; Clara says "Whatchoo talkin' bout, Foxxy?" which is a reference to Gary Coleman's catch phrase: "Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis?"

* After Foxxy exposes Strawberry Sweetcake's plan, she angrily says, "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for that meddling schwoogie!" This is a direct reference to "Scooby-Doo", where the villain of the episode would almost alway say, "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids!" as the police take them into custody.

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