Languages of Iberia

Languages of Iberia

Iberian languages is a generic term for the languages currently or formerly spoken in the Iberian peninsula.

Historic languages

Pre-Roman languages

The following languages were spoken in the Iberian peninsula before the Roman occupation.
* Aquitanian
* Celtiberian
* Lusitanian (classification is controversial; could have been Celtic, Pre-Celtic or even related to the Italic group)
* Classical Greek
* Iberian
* Phoenician
* Tartessian

Medieval languages

The following languages were spoken in the Iberian peninsula in medieval times.
* Arabic
** Andalusi Arabic
** Classical Arabic
* Berber languages
* Germanic languages
** Buri
** Gothic
** Suebian
** Vandalic
* Scythian languages
** Alanic
* Latin
** Vulgar Latin
*** Iberian Romance languages
**** Galician-Portuguese
**** Leonese
**** Mozarabic
**** Judeo-Romance languages
***** Judeo-Aragonese
***** Judeo-Catalan
***** Judeo-Portuguese
***** Judeo-Spanish

Modern languages

The following languages are currently spoken in the Iberian peninsula.

By linguistic group

* Basque
**Upper Navarrese
**Lower Navarrese
* Romance languages
** Aragonese
** Aranese (dialect of Gascon Occitan)
** Astur-Leonese
*** Asturian
*** Leonese
*** Extremaduran
*** Mirandese
** Spanish (or Castilian)
***Spanish dialects and varieties
** Catalan
***Eastern Catalan: Northern Catalan, Central Catalan, Balearic
***Western Catalan: North-Western Catalan, Ribagorçan, Valencian
*** Galician
**** Eonavian
*** Fala
*** Portuguese
**** Portuguese dialects
**** Barranquenho
*Mixed languages
**Caló or Iberian-Romani, which uses the Romani lexicon and Spanish grammar
**Inglés de escalerilla
*English (Gibraltar)
*Sign Languages
**Spanish Sign Language
**Catalan Sign Language
**Valencian Sign Language
**Portuguese Sign Language

By country

**Catalan (official recognition)
**English (official recognition)
**Portuguese (official recognition)
***Barranquenho (only spoken in the town of Barrancos, near Portuguese-Spanish border; no official recognition)
**Portuguese Sign language (official recognition)
**Mirandese (only spoken in a small eastern area of the Norte region, near Portuguese-Spanish border; official recognition)
**Spanish (also called Castilian, official recognition)
**Spanish Sign Language
**Catalan (called Valencian in the Land of Valencia, official recognition)
**Catalan Sign Language and Valencian Sign Language
**Basque (official recognition)
**Galician (official recognition), Eonavian and Fala
**Occitan (locally called Aranese, official recognition)
**Asturian, Leonese and Extremaduran

See also

* Languages of Spain
* Languages of Portugal
* Iberian Romance languages
*Pre-Roman peoples of the Iberian Peninsula

External links

* [ Detailed map of the Pre-Roman Peoples of Iberia (around 200 BC)]
* [ Detailed linguistic map of the Iberian Peninsula]

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