Media of the Faroe Islands

Media of the Faroe Islands

The Faroese media consists of several newspapers, radio stations, magazines, as well as a local TV station, Sjónvarp Føroya.

Satellite television is also available in the Faroe Islands[1], although all of the channels are foreign based.


List of major media in the Faroese language

Recently Sjónvarp Føroya (Television of the Faroes) and Útvarp Føroya (Radio of the Faroes) merged into a new company called Kringvarp Føroya.


  • SVF (since 1984). The only local TV station, today a part of Kringvarp Føroya[2].
  • A satellite TV company used to relay MTV, BBC Prime, BBC World, and Eurosport, as well as Danish commercial TV into Tórshavn between 1989-2001.


  • Kringvarp Føroya started in 1957 as Útvarp Føroya. Merged with Sjónvarp Føroya 1 January 2007 to form Kringvarp Føroya.
  • Atlantic Radio, short-lived 24 hour station.
  • Útvarp Føroya
  • Rás 2 (Channel 2) was, after Atlantic Radio stopped, established as an alternative to the state owned Útvarp Føroya (hence the "2" in its name)
  • Lindin, a Christian radio station.


  • Dimmalætting the oldest newspaper on the islands, dating back to 1878. Published five times a week.
  • Sosialurin, established in 1927. Originally it was a political newspaper associated with Faroese social democrats, but in 2006 the Islands' Social Democratic Party sold the newspaper. It is also published five times a week.
  • Vinnuvitan, a business newspaper.
  • Oyggjatíðindi
  • Norðlýsið, a local newspaper mainly for the northern part of the islands.
  • Vikublaðið, a weekly newspaper. It is the only newspaper that is free, so is the most widely read newspaper on the Islands.


  • Kvinna, a women's magazine established in 2004.
  • Frøði, a local science magazine.
  • Land og Fólk
  • OutsiderMagazine, Vencil, Varðin: cultural magazines.


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