Hungarian alphabet

Hungarian alphabet

The Hungarian alphabet is an extension of the Latin alphabet.

One sometimes speaks of the "smaller" and "greater" Hungarian alphabet, depending on whether the letters "Q, W, X, Y" which can only be found in foreign words and traditional orthography of names are listed, or not.

The 44 letters of the (greater) Hungarian alphabet are:

The simplified geminates of multigraphs (see above) such as <nny>, <ssz> are collated as <ny>+<ny>, <sz>+<sz> etc., "if" they are double geminates, rather than co-occurrences of a single letter and a geminate.:"könnyű" is collated as <k><ö><ny><ny><ű>. "tizennyolc" of course as <t><i><z><e><n><ny><o><l><c>, as this is a compound: "tizen"+"nyolc" ('above ten' + 'eight' = 'eighteen').Similar 'ambiguities', which can occur with compounds (which are highly common in Hungarian) are dissolved and collated by sense.:e.g. "házszám" 'house number (address)' = "ház" + "szám" and of course not *"házs" + *"zám".These rules make Hungarian alphabetic ordering algorithmically difficult (one has to know the correct segmentation of a word to sort it correctly), a problem for computer software development.

Keyboard layout

The Hungarian keyboard layout is German-based (QWERTZ). This layout allows direct access to every character in the Hungarian alphabet.

Letter frequencies

The most common letters in Hungarian are "e" and "a" [ [] - Letter frequencies. Retrieved 10 June 2008.] .The list below shows the letter frequencies for more letters in order of descending frequency.

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