Relay channel

Relay channel

In information theory, a relay channel is a probability model on the communication between a sender and a receiver aided by one or more intermediate relay nodes. It is a combination of the broadcast channel (from sender to relays and receiver) and multiple access channel (from sender and relays to receiver).

General discrete-time memoryless relay channel

A discrete memoryless single-relay channel can be modelled as four finite sets, X_1, X_2, Y_1, and Y, and a conditional probability distribution p(y,y_1|x_1,x_2) on these sets. The probability distribution of the choice of symbols selected by the encoder and the relay encoder is represented by p(x_1,x_2).

Relay Encoder
o------------------o A
y1 x2
Vo---------o x1 o------------------o y o---------o
Encoder |--->| p(y,y1|x1,x2) |--->| Decoder
o---------o o------------------o o---------o

Degraded relay channel

Such a relay channel is said to be degraded if "y" depends on x_1 only through y_1 and x_2, i.e., p(y | x_1, x_2, y_1) = p(y | x_2, y_1).

Reversely degraded relay channel

Feedback relay channel

Relay without delay channel


* Thomas M. Cover and Abbas El Gamal, " [ Capacity theorems for the relay channel] ," " IEEE Transactions on Information Theory" (1979), pp. 572-584

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