Bar may refer to:

* A rod/stick, pole, or handrail made of structural steel
** Grab bar
** Rebar
* an ingot or gold bar
* Bar (diacritic), a line through a letter used as a diacritic
* Bar (establishment), a retail establishment which serves alcoholic beverages
** Bar (counter), the counter from which drinks are dispensed

Maths and science

* Bar (unit), a scientific unit of pressure
* A vinculum over a digit or digits in mathematics used to indicate a repeating decimal
* Gravel bar, a hydrologically sediment accumulation
* Bar chart (or graph), a chart with rectangular bars of lengths used for comparing two or more values.
* Bar (astronomy), a formation of stars found in approximately half of all spiral galaxies
* Bar (computer science), a metasyntactic variable used in computer science


* Bar examination
* Bar association
* Personal bar, a Scots practice term for estoppel.


* Bar (landform) (commonly called a "shoal"), a type of beach behind which lies a lagoon or underwater bank at mouth of Estuary.
* Bar (music), a period of music
* A name of scandanavian origin referring to gates/gatehouses of in towns of northen england such as the gatehouses in the city walls of York, England and North Bar [ [ A Brief History of Beverley, Yorkshire ] ] in Beverley.
* Medal bar, an addition to a military decoration earned by a subsequent act
* Candy bar
* Handlebar, steering mechanism for bicycles and motorcycles
* Vertical bar symbol, |
* Bar (of Xanax)
* Barbell for weightlifting.
* "Bar", Hebrew for "son", as in Bar mitzvah
* A preposition meaning ""


* Bar, Montenegro, a city in the southeastern region
* Bar, Ukraine, a fortress and city in the Podolia region of Ukraine that was once a part of Poland
* Barrois (Bar), the territory of the counts and dukes of Bar in France
* Bar River, a tributary to the Meuse River in France
* Bar, Tibet, a village in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China
* Bár, a village in Hungary
* Barbizon, an artist's village in France
* Wairau Bar, New Zealand

Communes of France

* Bar, Corrèze, in the Corrèze département
* Bar-le-Duc, in the Meuse département
* Bar-sur-Aube, in the Aube département
* Bar-sur-Seine, in the Aube département


* Bar (Aramaic), a common prefix in New Testament Aramaic names
* Bar Hebraeus, a Syriac Orthodox Church Father
* Bar Refaeli, Israeli model
* Ellen Bar, New York City Ballet soloist
* Yael Bar Zohar, Israeli actress
* Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Israeli-American physicist
* David Bar-Tov, Israeli judge
* Michael Bar-Zohar, Israeli historian
* Micha Bar-Am, Israeli photographer


* Board for Anthropological Research
* Biblical Archaeology Review
* BAR domain (Bin-Amphiphysin-Rvs), a protein domain
* Bit Aspect Ratio, a length (BPI)-to-width (TPI) ratio of a magnetic bit
* British American Racing, a Formula One racing team which was active between 1999 to 2005
* British Association of Removers
* M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, a U.S. WWI and WWII military weapon
* Buy-American restrictions, a reference to the Buy American Act
* Base Address Register, a type of pointer register used in Memory-mapped I/O and Port-mapped I/O
* Beta Adrenergic Receptor


* Bangor and Aroostook railroad, AAR reporting mark "BAR"
* Barbados, International Olympic Committee country code "BAR"
* Harvey House Railroad Depot, in Barstow, California; station code BAR


ee also

* Bär
* Barr
* Barr-
* Barre
* Barbiturate
* Crossbar

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