Infobox Weapon

type=Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile IRBM
manufacturer=Kahuta Research Laboratories (KRL)
engine=multiple stage liquid propellant engine
weight=20,800 kg
length=21 m
diameter=1.75 m
speed= mach 2.3
vehicle_range=3,500 km - 4000 Km
altitude=400 km(Apogee)
filling=Nuclear, HE
guidance=gps,inertial system
launch_platform=transporter erector launcher (TEL)??

The Ghauri-III is an intermediate-range ballistic missile being deployed by Pakistan. Its designed to be a 3-stage missile, based on the Ghauri missile. It would be by far the most advanced ballistic missile, with the farthest range, in Pakistan's arsenal. The Ghauri-III missile uses a liquid propellant engine. The Ghauri-III missile reportedly started development around 1999 with a planned range of 3,500 km to 4,000 km. It is presumed to be road mobile and use an inertial guidance and gps systems , like previous Pakistani designs. Few specific details are known as yet.

The Ghauri III is likely designed for long-range strikes into neighbor India. It is nuclear capable and is probably designed to be deployed against targets deep within India. As for status of Ghauri-III, it is currently under development.

Other missiles currently in the service of Pakistan are Hatf-I (BRBM), Abdali-I (BRBM), Ghaznavi (SRBM), Ghauri-I (MRBM), Ghauri-II (MRBM), Shaheen-I (MRBM), Shaheen-II (IRBM), Babur (cruise missile) and Ra'ad (cruise missile).

Note: Not every missile has nuclear payload.


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