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native_name = Allur
type = Village
latd = 14.68 |longd = 80.06
locator_position = right
state_name = Andhra Pradesh
district = Nellore District
leader_title = MRO
leader_name =
altitude = 3
population_as_of = 2004
population_total = 52,925
population_density =
area_magnitude= sq. km
area_total =
area_telephone = 918622
postal_code = 524315,524324
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sex_ratio = 26,584:26,341
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Allur is a major village in Nellore district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is also the headquarters of Allur Mandal.


The village is located at coord|14|41|N|80|5|E. [ [ The mapsofindia info about Allur] ] It is about 25 km north of Nellore and 25 km south of Kavali. The mandal is bounded by Bay of Bengal on east, by Bitragunta Mandal on north, Vidavalur Mandal on south and Dagadarthi Mandal on west. Part of the area is served by Pennar canals and the rest of the area is served by rainfed tanks. Most soils are red soils and low in Nitrogen, medium in Phosphorus, high in Carbon and high in Potash.


The main occupations of the village are agriculture, salt business and aquaculture. Its aquaculture and salt business is mainly centered at adjacent villages Iskapalle and Gogulapalle. Many hotel and real estate industrialists settled now in Hyderabad were raised in this area. Allur is also like a bridge between the surrounding villages and the rest of the world by providing banking, government offices and bus facilities to Nellore and Kavali.

The area is self sufficient, but the economical growth of the village is nominal and stagnated for many reasons. The village is not located on national highway and also has no train facility. So it did not attract any industries and also did not see any growth in real estate. Despite having junior college, most people are not educated or not motivated for higher studies and dependent on agriculture and labour. The educated migrate away to Nellore, Hyderabad or Bangalore to work in hotel and real estate industries. The people have less storage facilities for rice or salt until recently, and so are forced to export immediately for cheaper rates. The village is solely dependent on rains and monsoons, and is far from river Pennar. So people can not cultivate profitable crops like sugar cane etc. Because of adjacency to bay of bengal, cyclones and floods do unexpected damage to crops and fisheries. The recent political battle is whether to give license to new chemical industries. Supporters claim more jobs and the growth and infrastructure development. Critics claim that the wastage from the even faraway factories is leaking into lakes resulting in reduced drinking water quality, health problems and damage to crops and aquaculture.

Government and Politcis

Divisions(Villages in Allur Mandal)

It is a major Panchayat and head quarters of a mandal(code 31) and a state assembly constituency(Seat 126).
# Allur
# Alluru Peta
# Ananthabotlavari kandrika
# Batra kagollu
# Beeramgunta
# Gogulapalli
# Graddagunta
# Indupuru
# Isakapalli
# Kalambotla Khandrika
# North Amuluru
# North Mopuru
# Purini
# Singapeta
# Velicharla

Assembly Constituency

Allur is an assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh. There are 1,36,127 registered voters in Allur constituency in 1999 elections.

List of Elected Members: [ [ Election Commission of India.APAssembly results.1978-2004] ]

Gram Panchayat

Allur is a major panchyat in Andhra Pradesh.


Nearest railway station is 7 miles away at Bitragunta. The national highway is 7 miles away at Kodavaluru. The sea is 3 miles away at Iskapalle. Neareset airport is Tirupathi for National Flights and Chennai for International Flights. The best way to reach Allur is by road from Nellore or Kavali. The Andhra Pradesh state road transport runs lot of buses daily from either place to Allur.

In earlier days the local transport in the village is by bicycles or bullock carts, but now a days autos and taxis are available.


The population of the village is around 45000. Total population of Allur Mandal is 52,925 according to 2004 election results. Male population is 26,584 and females are 26,341, and children are 6,485. Literates are 28,377 and males among them are 15,788 and female literates are 12,589.


People speak only telugu, though English is understood in parts of the place. Men wear traditional wear like Dhoti/Lungi as well as urban dress and women wear mostly Sarees.

It is really not a village by statistics. It is a place where both the environment of villages and towns will be seen. The festival celebrations, temples and religious activities like Shakti Poleramma Jatara and mass holy sea baths during eclipses, traditions, rice fields, lakes and serene coastal areas give village appearance. Its telephone and communication facilities, schools, being the shopping centre and business place for adjacent villages, size of the area and population, interest in politics, lifestyle and attire make it look like a town. Since it is a major village consisting of educated people, the people from this village participated in freedom struggle enthusiastically and the village got its place in the history of Nellore district. Potti Sreeramulu, a Vysya family member, who underwent indefinite fasting and finally passed away to form the separate state of Andra Pradesh for Telugu speaking people, is from Juvvala Dinne, a village near Allur. In his honour, Nellore district is now named as Potti Sreeramulu Nellore district.

Allur is famous for rice cultivation and so some people call it as Pantala Allur. Rice produced from Allur and near by villages is exported to neighbouring states such as Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.


Sankranti, Diwali and Dasara are celebrated, but Poleramma goddess procession is celebrated with hue and interest. Poleramma festival is celebrated on a Tuesday in the first half of January every year. The floors are decorated with rangavalli and village is decorated with lights and flowers. A heap of cooked rice is offered along with neem leaves in the morning. The deity is placed in a palanquin on a tiger or a swan and taken in a procession. The procession goes round the village by the music and dance. Traditional art forms like Burra katha and other folk dances will also be organized. Fire crackers are used.


It boasts a school and Junior college named Ramakrishna Jr. College since 1930 and has been providing education for students for forty villages surrounding it. Rama Krishna Degree College is annexed in 1999. In addition, many upper primary schools provide education from 1st to 7th grade students.


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