Sif (Marvel Comics)

Sif (Marvel Comics)


full name= Sif
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Journey into Mystery" #102 (Mar 1964)
creators=Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
species = Asgardian
homeworld = Asgard
alliances = Asgard
aliases =
powers = Durabillity, immortality

Sif is Marvel Comics Asgardian warrior and lover of Thor. She spends much of her time worrying about and searching for her lover, Thor. She is based on the mythological being of the same name. She first appeared in "Journey Into Mystery" #102.

Fictional character biography

She is often accompanied by Balder into battle, who has developed an attraction to her; however, faithful Sif never shows affection for anyone but Thor and certain individuals that resemble him greatly. She has been attracted to Beta Ray Bill, an alien who wields the hammer for a time. She later develops a romantic relationship with another mortal to wield Thor's power, Eric Masterson.

Despite this, Sif risks her life to travel to the realm of Mephisto. To free what seems to be the soul of Thor from a mystical bag, she pledges her loyalty to the demonic entity. She is manipulated into a new costume change and is sent to face down Eric and Balder in battle. They had willingly, despite Eric's loss in power, followed her, worried for the success of her mission.

Eric and Sif eventually part realms as friends, but he leaves her with a favored leather jacket.

During the most recent Ragnarok in Asgard, the godly forces swiftly lose ground. Sif survives the first wave of losses but personally loses an arm. During the war, Beta Ray Bill joins the battle once again but he parts before the final end. The entirety of Asgard seemingly perishes but Thor himself has returned and the rest of the pantheon, such as Heimdall, is reappearing one by one.

After resurrecting the gods, Donald Blake goes to a hospital to try and find the reborn Sif. After wrongly thinking that she was reborn in Donald Blake's former love, Jane Foster, he leaves thinking that Sif won't come back. However, after that scene, it is revealed that Sif was reborn in an invalid woman in that hospital, whom Loki has masked from Thor's abilities, giving her a mirror that shows Sif her true form, but unable to let anyone know who she is.

Other versions


Sif has an alternate, older, version of herself living in the MC2 universe. However, she had to flee away from her home-world on Asgard when the planet devourer Galactus arrived to eat their home, as seen in the Last Planet Standing miniseries.

Other media

Video games

Sif makes an appearance as a non-playable character in "" voiced by Adrienne Barbeau. She assists in teleporting the heroes to anywhere in Asgard. She has special dialogue with Thor.

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