Goliath (Amalgam Comics)

Goliath (Amalgam Comics)


real_name=Oliver Queen
publisher=Amalgam Comics
debut="JLA" #2 (fake), "JLX" #1 (April 1996, real)
creators=Mark Waid
Gerard Jones
alliances=Judgment League Avengers
Master archer;
arsenal of trick arrows;
Master martial artist
Master swordsman, Genius-level intellect.
Can change his or any physical object's size to his advantage: Growth, to a maximum height of 100 feet. |

Goliath is a fictional character and an Amalgam Comics superhero, whose true debut was in "JLX" #1, though his (metafictional) Amalgam Universe debut was in "JLA" #2. He combines elements of DC Comics' Green Arrow and Marvel Comics' Hawkeye, specifically Hawkeye's era as Goliath.

Character overview

Goliath's only true appearance was a minor one in "JLX" #1 (1996), so like many members of the Judgment League Avengers, there is not a lot of information regarding him. He is Oliver Queen, and he made his first appearance in "JLA" #2, when he joined the team along with Myx. He received his powers with the help of Hank Pym, who worked for Project Cadmus. He has stayed with the JLA through thick and thin, and is romantically involved with Canary.


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