Paladin (comics)

Paladin (comics)


Art by Leinil Francis Yu.
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Daredevil" #150 "(Jan 1978)"
creators=Jim Shooter
Carmine Infantino
alliances=Defenders Heroes for Hire Wild Pack
aliases=Paul Denning
powers=Superhuman strength
Skilled athlete and marksman|

Paladin is a Marvel Comics character, a mercenary. He first appeared in "Daredevil" (Vol. 1) #150 (January 1978). While he claims that Paladin is his real name, he often goes by the name Paul Denning (an obvious play on his nom de guerre). Though not precisely a supervillain, his mercenary activities often bring him into conflict with superheroes.

Fictional character biography

An unabashed womanizer, Paladin will often flirt with any woman who catches his eye. He briefly dated the Wasp at a time when she was separated from Hank Pym, much to the Black Knight's jealousy, who was also attracted to her. For a time, he also enlisted Generation X into helping him retrieve a sword for Adrienne Frost, the sister of current X-Men member Emma Frost. During this period, the mutant known as Jubilee was strongly attracted to Paladin, but that affection disappeared when Generation X and Paladin later went their separate ways. He has also been a longtime ally to Silver Sable and her Wild Pack organization, working for pay, of course. He once helped them protect a scientist from a kidnapping attempt by the Heroes for Hire, a group he would later join. His main opponent was Misty Knight, who seemed to be an equal match.

Paladin has a certain amount of honor. For example, he was once hired by a corrupt government to assist rebels as part of a sting operation. He aided the rebels in a bomb-laying operation at a government facility. When the rebels were caught, his government handler remarked how lucky they were that the bomb had not gone off. Paladin replied, "I'm sorry, that would have been extra," and activated the bomb by remote control while driving away. ["Amazing Fantasy", Vol 2, #16]

In the 1990 one-shot "The Punisher: No Escape", he was offered 10 million dollars by mobster Vincent Mangano to kill The Punisher [ [ Vincent Mangano (Punisher foe) ] ] . Paladin agreed to this arrangement, but did not succeed, and in the ensuing fight both of his legs were broken by the U.S. Agent.

Paladin once took down Daredevil with a sniper rifle from a helicopter at a great distance. He did so for the FBI, in exchange for getting his record expunged. The hit, while serious, was not fatal, though did lead to Daredevil's arrest.

Heroes for Hire

He is a main character in the new Heroes for Hire series, although as Misty Knight said he was just there for the money. As it turns out, he was a traitor to the group, only using the Heroes as a means to hunt down Captain America for S.H.I.E.L.D. as part of the Civil War.

He single handedly defeated Captain America and the entire Heroes for Hire team, with the exceptions of Tarantula, and Orka, who weren't present when the fight took place, with a special gas weapon that affected the nervous system. He them radioed S.H.I.E.L.D. and told them he had Captain America in custody. However, he did not account for Shang-Chi's ability to hold his breath over an extended period (thanks to his martial arts training) and was overpowered by him. Shang-Chi then aided Captain America. Captain America switched costumes with Paladin so S.H.I.E.L.D. took Paladin into custody in his place.

Powers and abilities

Paladin's physical strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability are all slightly superhuman. He is also a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, marksman, actor, espionage agent, bodyguard and detective. While he has been written using lethal force, his preferred weapon is his stun gun, which disrupts the nervous system sufficiently to render most people unconscious.

Other versions

Ultimate Paladin

For a period of time, Marc Spector used the Paladin name while working for the Roxxon Corporation.


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