Rock en Español

Rock en Español

Rock en Español (Spanish for Rock in Spanish) refers to the Spanish-language rock music. Latin rock is a fusion of the rock music with the latin American rhythms and – also – with some instruments which are typical for this music like percussion, but also piano riffs known from son cubano or merengue. Successful musicians and groups playing in this genre are often noted for being "cross-over" artists, as this genre inherently bridges both linguistic and cultural categories.

Latin rock was created at the end of the 1960’s by Carlos Santana. In the late 20th and early 21st centuries there was a revival of this style caused by musicians such as Jaguares and Aterciopelados, among others. But Carlos Santana does not consider himself a Rock en Español musican, he is a traditional Latin musican that fused Rock guitar with their classic songs. His hit song 'Oye Como Va' is a perfect example of Santana's fusion, being originally a song composed by famous Latin jazz and mambo musician Tito Puente.


Chicano rock

Chicano Rock Music is rock music performed by Mexican American groups or music with themes derived from Chicano culture. "Chicano Rock", to a great extent, does not refer to any single style or approach. Some of these groups did not sing in Spanish at all, or use many specifically Latin instruments or sounds, at least on what little we have heard. The main unifying factor, whether or not any explicitly Latin American music is heard, is a strong R&B influence, and a rather independent and rebellious approach to making music that comes from outside the music industry.

panish language rock and roll

Spanish language rock and roll borrows heavily from rock and roll music and from traditional and popular music of Spanish-speaking cultures (cumbia, ranchera, rumba, tango, etc) and has evolved from a cult-like music movement to a more well established music genre in 50 years of history.

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