Battle of Ruspina

Battle of Ruspina

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Battle of Ruspina
partof=Caesar's civil war

date=January 4, 46 BC
place=Ruspina, modern Tunisia
result=Optimates victory
commander1=Gaius Julius Caesar
commander2=Titus Labienus

The Battle of Ruspina was fought on January 4, 46 BC between competing political factions of the late Roman Republic, the Optimates and the Populares. Julius Caesar commanded the Populares, while the Optimates were commanded by Titus Labienus, a former Caesar supporter who defected to the side of Pompey the Great during Caesar's civil war. The Optimates forces greatly outnumbered the Populares, resulting in an Optimates victory and the loss of as much as one-third of the Populares forces. Despite the high casualties, Caesar won a victory against the Optimates forces one month later in the Battle of Thapsus.

Ruspina is located in modern day Tunisia.

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