List of kings of the Angles

List of kings of the Angles

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Kings of the Angles

Legendary kings

According to legend, Sceaf was washed up on the shore as a child in an empty boat, and was later chosen as king. Counting up the generations appears to place him in the late 2nd century BC, at the very time that Angeln and surrounding regions had recently become depopulated following the migrations of the Cimbri and Teutones. The following list gives the succession from father to son, and if the genealogy is correct then Queen Elizabeth II is the 76th generation descendant of Sceaf.


Historical kings


*Wermund ("fl. c."AD 370)

The power of the Angles in Europe was not to last, however, and in the mid 5th century, under pressure from Attila and the Huns, they began migrating to Britain - a movement that later became so great, in fact, that Angeln was subsequently described as empty of people. Around 527 (or perhaps 515), Eomer's son Icel left his ancestral homelands and founded what became the Kingdom of Mercia in England (for his successors there see List of monarchs of Mercia).

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