James of Baux

James of Baux

from 1382 to 1383.

James was the son of Francis of Baux, Duke of Andria (who died in 1353) by Marguerite of Taranto (c. 1325-1380), daughter of Prince Philip I of Taranto and his second wife, Empress Catherine II of Valois. Marguerite was the sister of Robert of Taranto and Philip II of Taranto, both of whom reigned as princes of Achaea and titular emperors of Constantinople (Robert II and Philip III).

On the childless death of Philip II of Taranto, James succeeded his uncle as titular emperor. The principality of Achaea had been turned over to Queen Joan I of Naples, and James sought to recover it as his inheritance. He met with some success in 1380 but did not have complete control until Joan's death in 1382, when he became the only legitimate claimant to Achaea. He did not live to enjoy his principality long, as he died on July 7, 1383. In his attempt to reclaim his inheritance in Greece, James had hired the services of the Navarrese Company, which took over Achaea for a short period after James' death. In 1382, James had married Agnes of Durazzo, a daughter of Charles, Duke of Durazzo and Maria of Calabria, the sister of Queen Joan I of Naples. The marriage remained childless.


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