Arrondissements of Belgium

Arrondissements of Belgium

The federalized country Belgium geographically consists of 3 regions, of which only Flemish Region and Walloon Region are subdivided into 5 provinces each; the Brussels-Capital Region is neither a province nor is it part of one.

In Belgium there are administrative, judicial and electoral arrondissements. These may or may not relate to identical geographical areas.


The 43 administrative arrondissements are an administrative level between the municipalities and the provinces. Brussels-Capital forms a single arrondissement for all 19 municipalities in the region by that name. Per region an overview of its municipalities ("gemeenten/communes") and the district or administrative arrondissement these belong to can be found in the Municipalities in Belgium page; for these administrative arrondissements also more technical references are available.


Belgium has 27 judicial arrondissements. [cite web|url=|title=Police Zones]


Until a short while ago the "electoral circles for the parliaments" were "electoral arrondissements"; at present these circles are the "provinces", except for the arrondissements Brussels-Capital (geographically coinciding with the Brussels-Capital Region) and Halle-Vilvoorde (one of the two districts in the province Flemish Brabant in the Flemish region), which together still form the electoral circle Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde (in Dutch "kieskring Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde", in French "cercle" or "circonscription électoral Bruxelles-Hal-Vilvorde").
*For the elections of the Walloon Parliament, 13 arrondissements (or grouped arrondissements) are still being used as electoral circles:
**Arlonndash Marche-en-Famennendash Bastogne
**Dinantndash Philippeville
**Tournaindash Athndash Mouscron
**Huyndash Waremme
**Neufchâteaundash Virton



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