Erv Wilson

Erv Wilson

Ervin Wilson (born June 11, 1928 in Chihuahua, Mexico) is a Mexican/American (dual citizen) music theorist whose work, outside of the academic community, is noted for its breadth and originality. Despite his avoidance of academia, Wilson has been remarkably influential on those interested in microtonal music and just intonation, especially in the areas of scale, keyboard, and notation design. Among his developments are Moments Of Symmetry, Combination Product Sets, Golden Horograms, scales based on recurrence relations (scales of "Mt. Meru"), and mapping scales to the generalized keyboard. He cites Augusto Novaro and Joseph Yasser as influences.

Wilson also breeds corn, and is sometimes credited as the first to suggest the use of blue corn in tortilla chips.

Musicians influenced by Wilson

*Waren Burt
*Kraig Grady
*Harry Partch
*Rod Poole
*Emil Richards
*Marcus Satellite
* [ Stephen James Taylor]
*Daniel James Wolf
*Glen Prior
*Greg Schiemer
*Terumi Narushima

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* [ Golden Horogram's introduction and explanation by David J. Finnamore]

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