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official_name = Звечан / Zvečan
Zveçan / Zveçani

leader_name = Dragiša Milović
area_km2 = 104
elevation_m =
population_total = 16600
population_as_of = 2006
population_density_km2 = 204
postal_code = 38227
postal_code_type =Postal code
area_code = +381 28
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timezone = CET |utc_offset =+1
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latd=42 |latm=55 |lats= |latNS=N
longd=20 |longm=51 |longs= |longEW=E

Zvečan (Serbian: Звечан, "Zvečan", Albanian: "Zveçan" or "Zveçani") is a town and municipality in the Mitrovica District of northern Kosovo. According to 2006 estimates, the municipality of Zvečan had a population of 16,600 people.


In November 2005, it was estimated that the municipality was 95% Kosovo Serb, with only 4 Kosovo Albanian families in the area.

About 4,000 Kosovo Serbs are located in the municipality as Internally displaced persons (IDPs) as well as 250 refugees Serbs from Croatia


The town of Zvečan is located near Kosovska Mitrovica. It was mentioned for the first time in connection with the border clashes between the Serbs and Byzantines between 1091 and 1094. There is also an inscription that Stephen Nemanja, after the victory over the Byzantines in 1170, ordered that a prayer for the successful outcome of the battle be held in the church of St. George at Zvečan.

On the highest spot, i.e. the Upper Town, there are remains of the church of St. George, cistern and the main octagonal tower. The ramparts of this part of the fort are reinforced by massive towers. The main entrance to the town was on the western side.


The largest employer in Zvečan/Zveçan is the lead and zinc smelting factory “Trepča.” Due to the serious environmental pollution from the factory, however, UN and KFOR shut it down and the only ongoing operation is alloy production for batteries and battery recycling. Once employing up to 4,000, the very low operations of “Trepča” has had a devastating effect on the local economy. Today, in the municipality only about 500 people are working at 60 small private companies and 150 shops.


In Zvečan is situated the Faculty of Arts of Priština, part of the University of Priština at Kosovska Mitrovica.

In Zvečan is held "North City Jazz & Blues festival", an international annual music festival [ "Vreme" No. 853] [ "Kosovska Mitrovica Live"] [ "Glas javnosti", June13, 2005] [ "Asocijacija medija" , May 2007] [http://www.telekom.nadlanu.com/OPSTE/Promo.aspx?ac=snews&ui=7633 "Telekom", May 16, 2007] [ "Trident"] [ "Glas javnosti", June 5, 2003] , as well as international annual art colony "Sokolica" [http://vesti.krstarica.com/?rubrika=aktuelno&lang=0&sifra=162a9a6dfa5752fab5db7eaaeabeac22 "Krstarica", August 22, 2007] and international rock festival Overdrive [ "Blic", October 9, 2006] .

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