Plasma may refer to:
* Blood plasma, the yellow-colored liquid component of blood, in which blood cells are suspended
* Plasma (physics), an ionized gas, the fourth state of matter
**Plasma display, a common application of plasma (physics), a flat-panel electronic visual display technology.
* "Milk plasma" or whey, the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained
* Plasma (KDE), a reimplementation and redesign of the KDE free desktop environment for Linux
* Plasma (mineral), bright green chalcedony, sometimes found with small spots of jasper resembling blood drops
* Plasma effect, a computer-based animated visual effect, used in graphics demonstrations
* "Plasma" (album), the 2003 live album by Trey Anastasio

In cell biology:
* Cytoplasm, a water-like substance that fills cells
* Germplasm, describes a collection of genetic resources for an organism
* Germ plasm, a zone in the cytoplasm determining germ cells
* Nucleoplasm, a highly viscous liquid that surrounds the chromosomes and nucleoli
* Protoplasm, the living substance inside the cell

ee also

*Plasma cannon, further disambiguation

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