Reitz Memorial High School

Reitz Memorial High School

Infobox School | name =Evansville Memorial
High School
native_name =Francis Joseph Reitz Memorial
High School

established =1922
type =Private high school
affiliation =Roman Catholic Diocese of Evansville
head_name =Principal
head =Mrs. Gwen Godsey
head_name2 =Address
head2 =1500 East Lincoln Avenue
city =Evansville
state =Indiana
country =USA
students =863
grades =9-12
faculty =76
athletics =Southern Indiana Athletic Conference
colors =color box|blue color box|silver color box|white
mascot =Tigers
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website = [ Evansville Memorial High School]

Reitz Memorial High School is a private Catholic High school in Evansville, Indiana. It sits on a 13 acre tract of land off Lincoln Avenue that was donated by Francis Joseph Reitz in 1922. The school officially opened its doors on January 5, 1925. It is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Evansville.

Reitz Memorial is a college prep school. The 2004-05 school year saw a total enrollment of 854 students with a 96.5% graduation rate and 91% attending a four-year college or university. Fact|date=March 2008 It is one of two Catholic high schools that serve the students of Vanderburgh, Posey, and Warrick counties.


In 1922 Francis Joseph Reitz pledged the money for the school to be built, but didn't start until he found the perfect site for this school. He finally found a 13 Acre lot off of Lincoln Avenue.

The school was originally staffed by Brothers of the Holy Cross, who also founded the University of Notre Dame, in the boys' section of the school, and Daughters of Charity for the girls' section.

The original gym was located on the Auditorium's stage, where basketball games were played. Finally in 1969 the school did some remodeling, and added expanded first and second floors, a band room, a library, and a gymnasium that could hold up to 2,000 people. It was at that point when the school "integrated," having boys and girls in the same classrooms.

The format of the school pretty much remained the same until 1998, when a new addition, costing roughly $5 million would be added. The new wing, also known as "the west wing" added eight more classrooms, two art studios, two science labs, a wrestling room, a second smaller gymnasium, and a media center. This media center was home to new computers, a large amount of books, and a place where students could study quietly throughout the day. They also did some additions to the older part of the building. The entire school was finally hooked up with heat and air conditioning, as well as all new windows throughout the school.

The final renovations increased the student capacity to 900 students


Reitz Memorial High School has often been known for its high academic standards. In the 2001-2002 school year, it was recognized with a Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence in Education. This is an award not given out very often (only a few thousand schools have achieved this honor). It recognizes schools that "are models of excellence and equity, that demonstrate a strong commitment to educational excellence for all students, and that achieve high academic standards."


College prep; three foreign languages; accelerated classes in social studies, math, English, Fine Arts, and science; Bridge Program with the University of Evansville; 8 AP courses;Block eight scheduling.


* Memorial's colors are royal blue and white
* Memorial's mascot is a tiger
* Memorial's varsity boys soccer coach Bill Vieth won Indiana Soccer Coaches Association Coach of the Year award in 2007

Extracurricular activities

Full complement of clubs and organizations; 16 sports for boys and girls.

Fight Song

Cheer, cheer for Memorial High,
Shake down the thunder from the sky,
Send a volley cheer on cheer,
Let it be known that we are near!
What though the odds be great or small,
Memorial High will win over all,
While her loyal sons are marching
Onward to victory!
Rah! Rah! Rah!

Notable alumni

* Don Mattingly, baseball player
* Jonathan Weinzapfel, mayor of Evansville, Indiana

External links

* [ Official school website]

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