East New Guinea Highlands languages

East New Guinea Highlands languages

East New Guinea Highlands is a 1975 proposal by Stephen Würm for a family of Papuan languages spoken in Papua New Guinea. It was broken up by Malcom Ross in his classification of 2005 (see below).

Family division

* Wiru isolate
* Kenati isolate
* Kalam family: Gants, Kalam-Kobon, Tai
* Eastern (Kainantu) family
** Owenia language
** Kambaira language
** Tairora branch: Binumarien, South Tairoa, North Tairoa, Waffa
** Gapsup branch: Agarabi, Awiyaana, Awa, Gadsup, Kosena, Ontenu, Usarufa
* Central family
** Chimbu branch: Chuave, Dom, Golin, Kuman, Nomane, Salt-Yui, Sinasina
** Hagen branch
*** Melpa (Medlpa) language
*** Kaugel languages: Imbongu, Mbo-Ung, Umbu-Ungu
** Jimi branch: Maring, Narak, Kandawo
** Wahgi branch: Nii, Wahgi, North Wahgi
* East-Central (Goroka) family
** Gende language
** Fore branch: Fore, Gimi
** Gahuku branch: Dano (Upper Asaro), Benabena, Alekano (Gahuku), Tokano (Lower Asaro)
** Siane branch: Siane, Yaweyuha
** Kamono-Yagaria branch: Kamono, Inoke-Yate, Kanite, Keyagana, Yagaria
* West-Central family
** Huli language
** Enga branch: Enga, Nete, Ipili, Lembena, Bisorio
** Angal-Kewa branch: Kyaka, Angal, Angal Heneng (Katinja), Angal Enen, Samberigi (Sau), West Kewa, East Kewa, Erave

Ross classified each of the families in bold as a separate branch of TNG, with the exceptions of Kainantu and Goroka, which he kept together; Kalam, which he linked to the Rai Coast family; and Kenati, which he had insufficient data to classify.

Ross believes that these languages lie near the homeland of proto-Trans New Guinea.

ee also

* Trans-New Guinea languages

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