Jadeja( _gu. જાડેજા _hi. जाडेजा) is the name of a major clan of Yaduvanshi Fact|date=August 2008 or Chandravanshi Rajputs. The Chandravanshi lineage, claiming descent from Chandra, the Hindu Moon-god or in English it is known as Lunar Dynasty. They ruled huge part of Kathiawar peninsula and Kutch as kings and princes for several centuries.


Jadeja clan is a branch of the Lunar or Chandravanshi line of Rajputs, who trace their origin to Lord Krishna, and are amongst the original 36 Royal Dynasties of old. The Jadejas ruled vast areas and had many kingdoms, notably Kutch, Nawanagar, Rajkot, Morbi, Gondal, Dhrol. Before their rule over Kutch, four brothers named Ashpat, Gajpat, Narpat and Bhupat each held rule over areas such as parts of Afghanistan, Sindh and Pakistan.

Jadeja's trace their lineage to Hindu Samma Rajputs who ruled the lower part of Sindh. The Sammas reign over Sindh is considered as the Golden age of Sindh, widely stated and noted by various scholers and historians.

As all jadejas trace their ancestry to Kutch,here is a brief history of how and when the the Samma Rajputs came to Kutch and came to be known as Jadejas.The dominant races in kutch previous to the 9th century of Christian era were, the Chavdas, Kathees and Waghela, they ruled the western, central and the eastern parts of Kutch respectively.As mentioned earlier, towards the end of 8th century AD, the reigning prince of Thatta in sind was samma rajput named Lakho Ghuraro, he had eight sons by two wives, the eldest son being Unad from the first wife and the other being Mod by a wife from Chawda tribe, being eldest Unad succeded the throne by virtue of his primogeniture, shortly afterwards brothers Mod and Manai started planning against the life of Unad in order to usurp his throne. However they did not succeed and found it necessary to go in exile with their followers to Kutch where they had maternal relations with Chawda tribe,soon after arrival in Kutch, Mod had a dispute with his maternal Uncle Chawda Whagum who was the ruler of eastern Kutch,after killing him, he assumed the sovereignty of the province. There is no concrete information available for the period that followed except the names of the rulers up to five generations, they were Jam Mod, Jam saad, Jam Phool, Jam Lakho Phoolani and jam Pooeronjee, it is important to note here that Lakho Phoolani is the most revered and cherished warrior in the history of kutch and Saurashtra, after the death of Jam pooeronjee , absence of the legitimate heir caused the break in the direct succession. The widow of the deceased Jam in order to maintain her status, sent for the son of Jada by the name of Lakho, he was by caste a samma rajput as had all the previous Jams from the time of Mod. Henceforward the descendents of Lakho were called Jadejas. The name Jadeja means “ Belonging to Jada “ in Kutchi and sindhi language, “Ja “ is added to signify the belongingness , and hence name jada becomes jaaday as plural and Ja is added to signify all descendents of Jada, pronounced Jaa day jaa. Thus Jam Lakho is looked upon as the founder of the Jadeja tribe.


The Jadeja clans that played major roles in helping to conquer Nawanagar from the Jethwa Rajputs, by aiding Jam Rawal were known as the "Bhayaad" (brotherhood), and were notably from senior branches of Jadeja clans such as those hailing from Sevak Dhunia. This information is widely available through various Royal historians ("Raj Barot") of Jadeja clans.

Ruled States

These were states founded and ruled by Jadejas until merger into Republic of India. [ [http://rulers.org/indstat2.html Indian States before 1947] , Retrieved on February 1, 2008]


* Kutch (c. 1270, Title of Rulers: Maharao; hereditary from 1 Jan 1918)


* Morbi (c. 1698, Title of Rulers: Thakore Sahib and Thakore Sahib Maharaja after June 3, 1926)

Culture and Ethos

Jadeja belongs to the Atri Gotra. They have Ashapura Maataji and Momai Maataji as their presiding deities.

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