Veda (disambiguation)

Veda (disambiguation)

Veda or Vedas may refer to:


*The Vedas, part of a set of Hindu texts:
**Rig Veda
**Sama Veda
**Yajur Veda
**Atharva Veda
*other Shruti scripture:
**Shrauta sutras
**Bhagavad Gita
*post-Vedic Sanskrit texts (Upavedas):
***Ayurveda (medicine)
***Dhanurveda (martial arts)
***Gandharvaveda (music)
***Sthapatyaveda (architecture)
*other Indian texts called "Veda":
**Fifth Veda
**Dravida Veda
**Pranava Veda

Places and groups

*Saint-Jean-de-Védas, a commune (municipality) in Hérault, France
*Vedda people, indigenous people of Sri Lanka
*Wanniyala-Aetto, a people also known as the "Veddas"

Individual people

*Veda Hille, a Canadian singer-songwriter
*Veda Beaux Reves, an Irish drag artist
*Veda Hille, a Canadian singer-songwriter
*Brandon Vedas, a man who died of drug overdose while using Internet Relay Chat


*Veda bread, a malted bread from Northern Ireland.
*Vedera, an indie rock band formerly known as "Veda"
* Veda, a fictional supercomputer in the anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam 00"

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*Vedic (disambiguation)

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