Dwarf star

Dwarf star

The term dwarf star refers to a variety of distinct classes of stars.

  • Dwarf star alone generally refers to any main sequence star, a star of luminosity class V.
    • Red dwarfs are low-mass main sequence stars.
    • Yellow dwarfs are main sequence (dwarf) stars with masses comparable to that of the Sun. The Sun is a yellow dwarf.
  • A blue dwarf is a low-mass star which is hypothesized to be the post-main sequence form of a red dwarf.
  • A white dwarf is a star composed of electron-degenerate matter, thought to be the final stage in the evolution of stars not massive enough to undergo a Type II supernova—stars less massive than roughly 9 solar masses.
  • A black dwarf refers to a white dwarf that has cooled sufficiently such that it no longer emits any visible light.
  • A brown dwarf is a sub-stellar object not massive enough to ever fuse hydrogen into helium—less than about 0.08 solar masses.

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