Mulla Hadi Sabzevari

Mulla Hadi Sabzevari

Mulla Hadi Sabzevari or Hajj Molla Hadi Sabzevari was an Iranian philosopher and poet. He was born in Sabzevar (Khorasan), where he also deceased (1797-1873).He wrote the Asrar al-hikmah ("The Secrets of Wisdom"), which, together with his Arabic treatise Sharh manzumah ("A Treatise on Logic in Verse"), remains a basic text for the study of hikmat doctrines in Iran. Not limited to philosophy, he also wrote poetry under the name of Asrar and completed a commentary on the Masnavi of Jalal ad-Din ar-Rumi, the great mystic poet of Islam. ["Sabzevari, Hajji Hadi." Encyclopædia Britannica. 2007. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. 12 Jan. 2007 ]

He was for philosophy in the reign of Nasir al-Din Shah Qajar (1848-1896) what Mulla Sadra. He hed been in the reign of Shah Abbas I. He was also the faithful interpreter of Mulla Sadra and Transcendent Theosophy. He played a part in making Mulla Sadra the 'master thinker' of the Iranian philosophers. It could even be said that circumstances permitted him, to a greater extent than Mulla Sadra, to give free rein to his genius as a mystical theosopher, because there was greater freedom of self-expression during the Safavid epoch. [Corbin (1993), p.358]


*Asrar ol-Hekam
*Asrar ol-Ebadah
*Aljabr wal ekhtiar
*Osul od-Din
*A poem cycle



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