Suffolk Constabulary

Suffolk Constabulary

Infobox UK Police
name= Suffolk Constabulary
area= Suffolk
start= 1974
population= 678,000
size= 3,801 km²
officers= 1,323
title= Chief Constable
head= Simon Ash
divname= Areas
divno= 2 (Eastern, Western)
stations= 0
HQ= Martlesham


Suffolk Constabulary is the Home Office police force responsible for policing Suffolk in East Anglia, England.

Suffolk Constabulary is responsible for policing an area of convert|939510|acre|km2|0, with a population of678,074 and 288,473 households. The area covered is principally rural and coastal and theforce has three territorial areas: Eastern, Western and Ipswich. The Eastern Area HQ is at
Halesworth, the Western Area HQ at Bury St Edmunds and one more divisional HQ at Ipswich, (the old southern area). Each area is divided into sectors, with boundaries matching those of local district or borough councils. There are a total of 14 sectors across the county, each commanded by an inspector or chief inspector.

As of 1 July 2005, Suffolk Constabulary had 1,305 police officers and 841 police staff, supplementedby 264 special constables, 15 traffic wardens and 34 Police Community Support Officers(PCSOs).

Traffic wardens where then made up into PCSOs, and the parking enforcement was disbanded in the Ipswich council area only, police officers or PCSO`s can no longer enforce parking issues only parking obstructions. Routine Double yellow and other parking issues are done and enforced by Ipswich Borough Council by Parking Wardens. The standard parking fine issued by the Council is now £60 as apposed to the old Police one of £30.

The force formed by the merger of West Suffolk Constabulary and East Suffolk Constabulary, which had split in 1899 (having previously been merged in 1869). The most recent merger took place in 1967, which also saw the Ipswich borough police merged. [$file/Home%20Office%20Circular%20055%20-%201967.pdf]

Proposals made by the Home Secretary on March 20, 2006 would see the force merge with neighbouring forces Norfolk Constabulary and Cambridgeshire Constabulary to form a strategic police force for East Anglia. []

Suffolk Police Authority has 9 councillors, 3 justices of the peace, and 5 independent members.

The Chief Constable is Simon Ash, formerly Deputy Chief Constable of Hertfordshire Police.


Suffolk Constabulary is a SOCRATES police force.

Recent media attention

Suffolk Constabulary gained widespread attention in December 2006, when they began to investigate the murder of five women working as prostitutes in the Ipswich area [ [ BBC NEWS | England | Suffolk | Women murdered in Suffolk ] ] . The story has generated interest from the media all over the country, and indeed the world [ [ One of serial killer's five victims was pregnant - World - ] ] [ [ Zee News - British Police close to solving murders of prostitutes ] ] [ [,2933,236693,00.html - British Police Identify 5th Victim of Serial Prostitute Killer - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News ] ] .

The inquiry is the largest mounted by Suffolk Police in their history [] .

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