Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag

Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag

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title = Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag

developer = Human Entertainment
publisher = Human Entertainment
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released = June 22, 1989 (JP)
genre = Wrestling
modes = Single player
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platforms = PC Engine
Virtual Console
media = Cartridge
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"Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag" is the first game in the long-running "Fire Pro Wrestling" series, released for the PC Engine by the now-defunct Human Entertainment. The game was followed by two sequels before finally moving onto the SNES: "Fire Pro Wrestling 2nd Bout" and "Fire Pro Wrestling 3 Legend Bout". All of the wrestlers featured are all fictional but are obviously based on real wrestlers.


Victory Musashi

*Based On: Antonio Inoki

Akira Saeha

*Based On: Akira Maeda

Tommy Bomber

*Based On: Jumbo Tsuruta

Thunder Ryu

*Based On: Genichiro Tenryu

Hurricane Rikimaru

*Based On: Riki Chōshū

Zombie Masa

*Based On: Masa Saito

Pirate Number 1

*Based On: Billy Gasper

Pirate Number 2

*Based On: Barry Gasper

tar Bison

*Based On: Stan Hansen

Big the Great Bull

*Based On: Bruiser Brody

Mascara Condor

*Based On: Mil Máscaras

Mascara Eagle

*Based On: Dos Caras

Bloody Allen

*Based On: Bad News Allen

Mad Tiger

*Based On: Tiger Jeet Singh

Knight Blaster

*Based On: Road Warrior Hawk

Iron Blaster

*Based On: Road Warrior Animal

Completing the game

Once you complete the game in either Single or Tag mode, your character will appear in the middle of the ring celebrating holding a trophy. Whilst celebrating, your last opponent will run into the ring, kick your character in the stomach, and run off with the trophy.

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