Hermes (disambiguation)

Hermes (disambiguation)

Hermes can refer to:
*People and fictional characters::*Hermes, the divine messenger of the Olympian gods in Greek mythology.:*Hermes Trismegistus ("Hermes the thrice-greatest"), the Latin name for the Egyptian god Thoth.:*Saint Hermes, name of several Christian martyrs:*Johann Gustav Hermes, a German mathematician (1846-1912):*Johann Timotheus Hermes, a German novelist (1738–1821):*Georg Hermes, a German Roman Catholic philosopher and theologian:*Hans Hermes (1912–2003), a German mathematician:*Carli Hermès, a dutch photographer and art-director:*Hermes Conrad, a character in the television show "Futurama".:*Hermes (Marvel Comics), a Marvel Comics character:*Hermes Pan, American choreographer.

*Hermes (planet), the greek-name for the planet Mercury.
*69230 Hermes, a binary near-Earth asteroid rediscovered in 2003.
*Hermes, Percy Weasley's owl in the Harry Potter stories.
*Hermes (shuttle), a design of space shuttle proposed by the European Space Agency.
*HMS "Hermes", eleven ships of the British Royal Navy.
*Hermes (UAV) , a line of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) manufactured by Elbit and recently chosen for the British Army's Watchkeeper program.
*Hermes, a talking motorcycle in the anime "Kino's Journey".
*Hermes (BBS), a Macintosh based Bulletin Board System that was similar to MS-DOS based WWIV.
*Hermes-A1, an American copy of the German Wasserfall missile.
*WLAN Chipset by Agere, see ORiNOCO.
*HTC Hermes, the production code-name for the HTC TyTN.
*Handley Page Hermes, a 1950s British four-engined transport aircraft.
*Hermès - A Paris-based high-fashon luxury goods manufacturer.
*Hermes cover, a German export credit guarantee scheme.
*Hermes Abrasives, a German based abrasive manufacturer.
*Hermes Hockey Team, a Finnish ice hockey team from Kokkola.
*Hermes magazine at University of Sydney.
*"Hermes" and "New Hermes", fictional planets in the writings of Poul Anderson (repectively, the Polesotechnic League series and the story "Inside Straight".
*EFG-Hermes Holding Company, an Egyptian Financial Group
* Hermes, Oise, a commune in the Oise "département" of northern France
*a Mass spectrometry data formats converter software

HERMES may mean:
*Hermes project - launched V-2 rockets at White Sands Proving Grounds after WWII]
*HERMES EU-project - Hotspot Ecosystem Research on the Margins of European Seas (2005-2009)
*HERMES experiment - Fixed target experiment at HERA.
*HERMES method - General project management method developed by the Swiss government.
*Operation Hermes - a coalition military operation of the Iraq War
*HERMES ERMS - Electronic Resource Management System at Johns Hopkins University


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